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Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Reviews: GIFTED TRILOGY by Erin Manbeck Blog Tour

The Gifted Trilogy by Erin Manbeck

Kindle Edition, 230 pages
Published February 27th 2014
Feisty, smart mouth Regan thought that breaking up with her boyfriend Sam was going to be the start of her independence. Instead, she is manipulated and dragged into a world where sharp, sarcastic wit isn't going to save her. Turning to her Gram for help, the only remaining relative she has, Regan is upset to find out that her grandmother has been keeping family secrets of her own all these years.

With a vengeful goddess using people to try and bring Regan to the Underworld, Gram brings in three Guardians to protect her. Given the short version of what is expected of her, loaded with a lot of expectations for her future, Regan knows first-hand that life is too short. She isn't letting anyone make life-altering decisions for her despite finding out that the vengeful goddess has placed a price on her head.

This book will make you laugh, feel connected to the characters, and leave you wanting more.

Warning: Adult language and sexual situation.

Gift of Power (Gifted Trilogy #2)
ebook, 220 pages
Published April 22nd 2014
Power equals responsibility.

Despite declaring to those closest to her she will take her position as Queen, Regan’s first priority is not to rule, but to find her parents. With Jake at her side, she is determined to learn how to use her new powers and hide from her destiny, as well as the Council, a little while longer.

Unfortunately, someone has been watching and reporting every move Regan makes. She is disheartened to find out the Council is already eagerly awaiting her arrival in Ireland and have apparently started to plan her future. One that does not include Jake.

Regan must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to protect her people from a vengeful goddess, while also weeding out the traitor among them. With what feels like the weight of the world on her shoulders, will Regan withstand losing any of them?

Gift of Prophecy (Gifted Trilogy #3)
Kindle Edition, 238 pages
Published May 31st 2014
Regan’s arrival in Ireland may have heightened her powers, but it has also given Agrona and her minions more cause to make sure she never makes it to her coronation. With every attack and the harsh welcome she receives from the council, Regan is more determined than ever to prove why the deities have chosen her to be the Queen.

Although, part of her has accepted that she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice, it isn't until Regan finds herself in the Otherworld being handed over to Agrona that the reality hits her. Will Jake and her family survive without her?

Very Entertaining! Regan’s boyfriend Sam couldn’t seem to take the hint when she broke up with him. His final attempt to get her back turned into something much more than Regan bargained for. She called her Grandmother, her only living relative for help but Gram was not who she thought she was. Gram has kept the family secret from her for all these years.

Gift of Sight book one took you on the journey of Reagan finding out for the first time who her family is, and what was expected of her from birth. Regan has a choice to make but she is surrounded by lies, mistrust and no idea of who she is or her family is along with a vengeful goddess who has placed a price on her head. Her parents were taken away from her at such a young age that Regan is not taking this lightly, she is not about to make a life alternating decision without the facts.

Gift of Power book two takes us on the journey of announcing she will be queen and all that will come with it which includes the powers she must now learn. Will she learn them in time to save her family and her people? They stand by her and many more that meet her. She’s the true queen her destiny. Regan has also just found out that it is not just Angora behind this. Oaky helped her see what truly happened the day her parents were taken. Now Angora is not the only one with a vengeance, will it over take Regan?

Gift of Prophecy book three takes us on the journey of Regan proving she is destined to be queen not only to herself but her people. The problem is Angora the vengeful goddess will stop at nothing to make sure Regan does not make it to her coronation. Regan has to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people and seek vengeance.

All along the way Regan has also met her soul mate who has been waiting for her for a very long time. Now that he has her he will do everything it takes to ensure her safety not to mention it was also his job.

The story was mesmerizing and very well written. You unveiled the mysteries and dangers at same time the characters did because Manbeck did a fantastic job keeping you involved in the story taking care of every detail. It was not just the story that kept me hooked but the characters themselves. They were funny, smart and badass you had to laugh at the things that came out of their mouths especially Regan’s. Each character was unique and had their own story not just the main characters, everyone that had a part. You felt their pain and their hearts especially that of Regan and Jakes, they became one literally. There was no second guessing their love you just knew it.

All in all to me the book was about freedom. Freedom to make choices and your make your own decisions on how to live your life no matter what other people may think or what they expect of you or from you. I highly recommend the Trilogy.

5 Freedom Sheep

Tammy K

About the Author:
Between work and spending as much time with my son and husband, life has been an awesome adventure. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also exhausting.

Besides family and friends, I love to laugh. It may be at the expense of those I love, but they get me, so I usually don’t offend to much.

Honesty…I can’t help it. I usually say what I feel, but with a little guidance I’ve learned to be more tactful.

I’ve worked in plenty of environments (a trucking company, corrections, and I was in the military to mention a few) so I guess you can say that’s where my mouth and attitude come from. Either way, as long as I get my morning cup of coffee people are safe.

I love reading and sharing books with my friends. Making progress on my goal so far of reading 50 books this year, and that’s in between writing. LOVE IT!

If I'm not writing you can definitely find me reading. I'm not much of a sleeper so I get a lot done when the rest of the house is snoring. I love fantasy books and fairy-tails with a twist. I enjoy dystopian books, especially the ones where you get so attached to the main character and then they are killed off. It's sick I know but it's more because I love when I recommend the book to my friends. Watching how mad they get when it happens...LOL. Anytime I recommend a book now a days their first question is "Who dies?"


  1. You know what...I don't usually like covers that don't show an entire face..but I will make an exception for these. Holy moly! Those covers are gorgeous! I love them so much and it sounds like the books are great too.

  2. Great review! New series to me, but I love the covers, they are so beautiful. Adding this to my wishlist for sure.

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