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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review (ARC) Kissed By A Demon Spy: A Novella by Sharon Kay

Kissed By A Demon Spy: A Novella
by Sharon Kay

book, 170 pages
October 7th 2014

This novella is a companion piece to the Solsti series and can be read as a stand-alone.

Kidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery, Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate. When karma comes full circle with an offer of freedom for her and her young son, she jumps at the chance.

Masquerading as a village innkeeper, Aden keeps his espionage work secret from the gentle pixies he lives among. Using his skills to prevent a group of vicious demons from attacking the innocent, his world is draped in mist, shadow, and danger.

Steeped in shame, Garnet is loath to share her past with Aden. But Aden senses a sweet, loyal strength in her that no amount of horror can erase. His dangerous work is the opposite of the stability Garnet craves. Yet Aden’s patience and strength make him the hero she never had. When the enemy targets them, Garnet and Aden realize that honesty is the truest form of courage.

Garnet and her son Dashiel were slaves and when the leader where she lived was killed, she had no idea if things would get better or worst so she hid herself and her son until things died down. To her surprise someone comes to rescue her and her son.

Aden is a Deserati demon and he owns an Inn but is in desperate need of a cook. He is in luck when Garnet and her son are in need of a new place to stay and she is looking for a job. Aden knows where she escaped from but Garnet is being secretive about where she came from and Aden doesn't push her about it.

As soon as I read about the snake headed demons called vipers, I just knew they were going to cause all kinds of trouble. Aden he patrolled at night sometimes, making sure that the vipers weren't going to attack but nothing stops bad demons from doing what bad demons do, which is trying to cause problems.

Everything seems to be working out really well for both Aden and Garnet. She has a job, spending money and a very good looking Deserati demon who keeps smiling at her. Aden has been enamored with Garnet since first seeing her but even though she is outwardly nice and friendly, she is keeping her distance thinking that no one will want her in that way once they find out she was a slave.

I have to say though that after almost 200 years as a slave Garnet acted different than I thought she would. Maybe it's because she's a pixie or because she's a strong woman and had to think of her son but if it had been me, I would not have been as together as she was.

I've been reading Sharon Kay's Solsti Prophecy series of books and have loved them so I was excited to get to read this novella as well and I was not disappointed at all. Even if you haven't read any of Sharon Kay's other books this story can be read as a stand alone and you won't feel lost at all.

The only thing that could have made this better is if Aden had a Scottish accent. Hey, it could happen. Maybe one of these demons grew up thinking he was human and is a halfling and lives in Scotland and has a Scottish accent. *hint hint, Sharon Kay...hint hint*

I give this book 5 sheep!

Mary Kirkland
Dark Thoughts Blog

About the Author:
Sharon Kay was bitten early by the writing bug. At age twelve she wrote a short story, about a magic ring, that won a statewide contest. With her nose always in a book, she read the most novels for her age group in her local library’s summer reading program.

In her teens, writing took a back seat to fashion, as she was determined to find clothes different from what everyone else bought at the mall. And what she couldn’t find, she created. She learned to sew, worked in a fabric store after school, and spent her spare time with a needle in hand. Her black and orange prom dress is still one of her favorite creations.

She majored in apparel design in college, spending her summers working in costume shops and bridal boutiques. She worked for ten years in the Chicago garment industry, then switched her focus to apparel production logistics before becoming a stay at home mom.

Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and didn’t expect to write again. But Wicked Wind and the Solsti series formed in her head one weekend and refused to stay quiet until she put pen to paper. Her characters tend to keep her up at night, as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.


  1. 5 sheep????? Sounds like a must read! Awesome review Mary. :)

  2. This sounds like an great series that I'm going to have to checkout - thx!

  3. Katie- Thanks! All the books in this series are must reads. :)

    Kathleen- It really is a great series, I hope you enjoy them.

  4. This sounds like a great read! I have not read any of this series and you say it can be read as a standalone, but I always worry about novellas having spoilers for other books in the series. Which full length book does it follow?

  5. Great review. Your description was much more upbeat than the back cover!

  6. LOL I think pretty much everything could be made a wee bit better with a Scottish accent ;) I need to give her a go I think :D

  7. Tanya- This book follows Wicked Flames but it really can be read as a stand alone.

    Steph- Thank you. I had a few people say they thought the whole book would be about slavery but it's much more than that..much more upbeat.

    Anna- I totally agree.