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Friday, October 10, 2014

Coastal Magic Feature Author: Rane Sjodin (Second Arcane Court) + giveaway

Meet dragon shifter Cimmerian...
My name is Cimmerian. I’m a dragon shifter. I tell stories to Rane. Wretch and I deserve credit for keeping the human population safe from demons. Humans are no more than lab rats to those who’d use you to run their errands and fulfill their sexually depraved fantasies. We stand in front of them with werewolves and shifters. Keeping the peace comes at a price. Not every story ends well. It just ends.

I tell you this as a warning. I don’t trust. If you’re not part of my crew, I suspect you. The demons are getting stronger. Numbering close to a million. We can’t stop them all. Wretch’s horrific grandmother, Obsidian, runs an operation out of Phuket, Thailand. She injects demon DNA into large humans and shifters. Creating death where only danger lurked before.

Careful who you talk to, check to see if their eyes shift when they’re nervous. They’re out there…


Red Lady (Second Arcane Court #2)

by Rane Sjodin
releases: Oct 27, 2014
The oldest living demon drug dealer is trying to take over Las Vegas. His newest creation, Red Lady, allows shifters to see demons as they materialize, which could tip the balance of species domination. Granted, in a direction I like, except, there’s a catch. The drug is so addictive shifters will do anything to feed their habit and distribution in energy drinks has human’s hooked. Including my ex-fiance’s boyfriend.

I have to go to Vegas and save him, among others. This is going to suck.

Death Dealer (Second Arcane Court #1)
My name is Cimmerian. I’m a dragon shifter living in New Orleans. Someone is screwing up my pre-Mardi Gras plans by leaving mutilated human bodies all over town. I have to find out whether or not a demon is behind this. If so, are they building a human to animate with demon magic? If not, we have a human serial killer just in time for the town to flood with tourists.

Things were so much quieter on vacation.

Damn, I’m glad to be back at work.

About the Author:
Rane Sjodin / Graylin Fox (website) is a multi-published author and poet. She began writing poetry in 1993 with her first poem published in 1995. In 2008, her characters demanded a larger format and she began to expand her talents into the short fiction market.

Decadent Publishing published her short story, Coming Home, in January 2011. In July of 2011 Decadent Publishing released Your Biggest Fan, a psychological thriller. Her series, Summer Fae, began with Contagion in April 2011. This series continued with Bloodlines, a novella in September 2012. The series will be completed with a single novel encompassing the entire story in December 2013.

Her first full-length novel, Smolder, about a Hospital Psychologist who finds love while dodging a killer, released May 9, 2013.

Her first release as Rane Sjodin is Death Dealer, the first in a series set in New Orleans. The first released October 2013 with the next to follow in 2014.
She lives along the coast in Florida enjoying the beach.


  1. After reading Cim's note, I have to say these really look like tasty treats and I am adding to my wishlist. Off to check the mirror to make sure my eyes are not looking shifty :)

  2. This looks super cool! Added to my TBR ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the comments. Brenda - the covers are done by the amazing Fiona Jayde!