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Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: Ship of the Dead (Omega Days #2) by John L. Campbell

Ship of the Dead (Omega Days #2)
by John L. Campbell

Published October 7th 2014
by Berkley
In the weeks following the Omega Virus outbreak, survivors form desperate clusters, uniting to defend against hordes of the walking dead. But they can only hide for so long…

Father Xavier Church never wanted to be a leader. Nonetheless, he’s grown attached to his fellow survivors, and he won’t let anyone cause them harm—though he may be the one who inadvertently leads them to destruction…

Ex-con Bill Carnes may crave freedom, but he still prefers sticking with the group rather than fleeing to Mexico with his former cellmate TC. Maybe he’s changing. Or maybe the look in TC’s eyes is more dangerous than the undead…

EMT Rosa Escobedo gave up on hope after she watched the man she loved rise from the dead. But when a patient seems to start getting better, she can’t help but hope for a cure, even if it means risking her life…

As the numbers of the dead swell, the living are running out of safe havens—especially when the biggest threats lie within their own ranks.

John L. Campbell has done it again! In the second book of the Omega Days series he takes zombies to a whole new level. Right away you pick up with the lovable characters (and some not so lovable) and you’re thrown into action. As the dead start to overwhelm the land the survivors take to sea.

An ‘abandoned’ military ship is stocked with years’ worth of food, ammo, guns and medicine. The only problem is getting rid of the 6,000 some ‘former residents’ in order to make the ship their new home. Certain characters rise to the occasion, making heroes in a world that seems to be void of all good. Hidden motives hide under fake smiles in other ‘heroes’ and they’re about to come to light. Monsters come in two forms in the thrilling sequel; zombies and humans. In fact the survivors soon find out maybe they are better off falling prey to the hungry hands of the dead than face the monsters with beating hearts.

Campbell’s writing style keeps you on edge. Chapters end making you think that one of your favorite characters has just become another victim of the dead only to jump back to the scene several chapters later and have them fight off their seeming sealed fate. All 360 pages are packed with drama, horror and even chapters from the point of view of the dead.

I cannot wait to read the third book in the series, just the few pages included at the end of the book as a teaser had me sold on it.

p.s did you know that zombies can sense earthquakes?!

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About the Author:
John L. Campbell is the author of the zombie apocalypse series, OMEGA DAYS from Penguin Random House. Book One, "Omega Days," was an overnight Amazon Horror bestseller, and remained on the list for 17 weeks. In addition, he is the author of two collections of short horror stories, RED CIRCUS and IN THE FALLING LIGHT, and a novella based upon actual events, THE MANGROVES, which chronicles the most horrific crocodile massacre in recorded history. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies, literary magazines and ezines.

John has lived all over the U.S., and has worked as everything from a limo driver to professional investigator and executive. He currently resides with his family in New York, where he is hard at work on the next novel in his Omega Days series.Campbell is an Active Member of the HWA; Horror Writer's Association, and is represented by the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency in New York.

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  1. OMG I love these kinds of read and your review was FAB!!!
    Thanks Sharon this is going on my pile

  2. Good to know you like this kind. My daughter reviewed it and book one, the link should be in the review. She loves these kind of books too!

  3. Oh I love it when I learn something new; now I know if I see the zombies running to get under that doorway and brace for the earthquake :D Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today, I am hopping over to check out more of this (new to me) series.