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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Book Review: Crane (Book #1, Legends Saga) by Stacey Rourke

Crane (The Legends Saga #1)
by Stacey Rourke
May 26th 2014
Paperback, 298 pages
The Horseman is unending, his presence shan’t lessen. If you break the curse, you become the legend.
Washington Irving and Rip Van Winkle had no choice but to cover up the deadly truth behind Ichabod Crane’s disappearance. Centuries later, a Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow awakening macabre secrets once believed to be buried deep.
What if the monster that spawned the legend lived within you?

Now, Ireland Crane, reeling from a break-up and seeking a fresh start, must rely on the newly awakened Rip Van Winkle to discover the key to channeling the darkness swirling within her. Bodies are piling high and Ireland is the only one that can save Sleepy Hollow by embracing her own damning curse.

But is anyone truly safe when the Horseman rides?

Following a nasty breakup, Ireland Crane has relocated from the big city to small-town Sleepy Hollow to take a position as guidance counsellor at the local high school. Although aware of the fable surrounding the town, Crane gives little thought to her famous last name or the validity of the legend. But when macabre happenings coincide with Ireland’s arrival, she has little choice but to investigate the town’s notorious villain, the Headless Horseman, and their unavoidable connection.

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I’ve always enjoyed the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and I'm regularly drawn to any re-imagining of my favourite tales. Deliciously dark and mysterious, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is perfect fodder for speculation and imagination. But taking on a beloved tale is always a tenuous task; purists may be reluctant to enjoy something that alters our view.

Rourke does a commendable job weaving a tale of past and present. Her ideas are creative and complex. Ireland is an admirable character, but she’s not perfect and perhaps her humanity makes her all the more compelling. As a story teller Rourke doesn’t shy away from violence and creates a world where no one is safe. Just when you’re sure where this is all leading, the story careens in a new direction generating interest and suspense.

I would’ve liked more development surrounding Ireland and Noah’s relationship. It’s been well-documented that I like my reading material more on the steamy side and I felt a little let down in that area. Also, the plot at times is incredibly complicated and the conspiracies a little difficult to track. Some of the connections seem tenuous to me and I wasn’t always sure of certain characters’ motivation. Very little is wrapped up at the end of this book; many threads remain unraveled. While this leads nicely to book two, Raven, it leaves the reader a little unsatisfied.

I recently met the lovely Ms. Rourke at her event Once Upon a Book in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I picked up a copy of Raven, book two of Legends Saga, and very much look forward to seeing where Rourke has taken Ireland. Book three, Steam, is also currently available.

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Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
RONE Award Winner for Best YA Paranormal Work of 2012 for Embrace, a Gryphon Series Novel Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012 Turning Pages Magazine Winner for Best YA book of 2013 & Best Teen Book of 2013. Stacey Rourke is the author of the award winning YA Gryphon Series as well as the chillingly suspenseful Legends Saga.

She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction, and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head.

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