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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Comic Review: I, Holmes issue #1 (of 3) from Alterna Comics

I, Holmes issue #1 (of 3)
Writer: Michael Lent
Pencils, ink, colors: Dan Parsons
Graphic design, cover: Marc Rene
Lettering: Marshall Dillon
Intro: David Rambo
Peter Simeti (Publisher)

Brendan Wright (Editorial Consultant)
GENRES: Urban Crime/Suspense, Action/Adventure, Leading Ladies

Release: Aug 31, 2016 on Comixology
Publisher: Alterna

A Fresh Take and New Addition to the Sherlock Holmes Canon 123 Years After the First Sherlock Holmes Story was Published.

Everyone has a secret. Her secret can get her killed, and she doesn't even know what it is.

Fighting to survive in a world of danger and intrigue is nothing new to I Rose, but after discovering that she's the great granddaughter of world famous detective Sherlock Holmes, I realizes that life is about to become anything but elementary.

The idea of a young woman Sherlock Holmes intrigued me. Then I saw the cover, with a black unicorn head, and thought I need to give this comic a look. And it is off to a great start. 

The first issue opens on Halloween night 2009. An unknown narrator fills the reader in on our lead I. Rose's life (yeah, her first name is I, part of the mystery). We meet her court appointed university sponsor Annie Stow, your stereotypical sorority girl. I, had a rough upbringing and currently lives in a group home on the bad side of town. Then there is her a**hole parole officer. I is a product of her upbringing in the system (read: not a people person); pair this with her obvious intelligence and you have the makings of a kick ass heroine with no time for bulls**t.
At the end of issue one, we get a glimpse of an unknown person (gonna call him the evil villain of the story) and his possible evil plans.

The artwork is sharp with harsh shading, which fits the gritty tone of the story.
I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out and what I's story is.

4.5 "mysterious" Sheep


*Art for #1 by Dan Parsons (2014 Inkwell Award) STAR WARS, GAME OF THRONES, LORD OF THE RINGS (Dark Horse), EMPIRE OF THE WOLF (Alterna)
*Art for #2 and #3 by Marc Rene THE MACHINE STOPS (Alterna)
*Written by Michael Lent THE MACHINE STOPS (Alterna), BRIMSTONE (Zenescope), PREY (Marvel), ON THIN ICE (Hyperion/Disney)
*Cover #1 and Graphic Design by Marc Rene THE MACHINE STOPS
*Back Cover #1 by Dan Parsons
*Introduction by David Rambo EMPIRE (ABC), REVOLUTION (NBC), CSI (CBS)

About the Writer
Michael Lent was honored as a ‘Google Author’ in 2007. His writing and production expertise spans films, fiction and nonfiction books, biographies, graphic novels, animation, video games, and reality television. He adapted Stephen King in 2011 and EM Forster in 2014, as well as recorded 70,000+ reads on for 2016. In 2013, his graphic novels and comics were invited into the permanent collection of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at the Ohio State University.

Media Enquiries: Please contact Michael Lent at

Alterna Comics
Founded in 2006 by current president and publisher Peter Simeti, Alterna Comics titles are distributed worldwide in print and digital formats and in several languages. Alterna is home to the New York Times Best-Selling Graphic Books zombie war series "FUBAR" as well as the psychological horror thriller "THE CHAIR" which has been adapted to film for release in late 2016.  One of the leading independent publishers of creator-owned comics, Alterna currently publishes over 60 critically-acclaimed titles in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero genres.
Alterna Comics titles are distributed to the comic market by Diamond Comics Distributors and to the book and ebook market by IPG (Independent Publishers Group).

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  1. Ooh a female Sherlock Holmes. This sounds like a really good graphic novel. Thanks for sharing!