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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Book Review: The Vampires Ange de la Mort (The Vampires Ange de la Mort #1) by BSM Stoneking

cover was a little too risque for us <G>
The Vampires Ange De La Mort (The Vampires Ange De La Mort #1)
by B.S.M. Stoneking
March 26th 2013
307 pages
Tori Lane is happy with every part of her life, especially being a secret vampire assassin. Not only is every assassination filled with drama or entertainment, she also gets paid to kill them. Though she has to keep it a secret from her parents, she's even happy with her love life. That is until she gets the chance to date her old high school crush, Ryder Seff.

Dating Ryder lets Tori experience the most erotic love life she has ever personally had, but Ryder has a secret of his own. Her love life soon becomes filled with more drama than she can handle as she eventually finds out Ryder's massive secret. Shocked by his secret, she quickly decides if she has to give up her amazing erotic love life with the man she believes she truly loves.

Neferatari “Tori” Lane is a secret vampire assassin. At the tender age of 21, Tori has already dispatched her fair share of rouge and rebellious vampires under the direction of an ancient vampire known as the Master Overlord. Tori is strong, smart, and fabulously wealthy. When she waltzes into her five-year high school reunion, her long-time crush Ryder Seff finds Tori irresistible. And so unfolds a steamy, all-consuming romance amidst the countless conundrums confronting Tori.

The Vampires Ange de la Mort has one major strength among a score of deficits. Undeniably, Stoneking writes a smoking sex scene. Marketed as “erotica” this book is bursting with sex and romance. In this regard, Stoneking absolutely delivers. Sadly, the rest of the book falls flat.

This book is dominated by an almost adolescent voice. The descriptions of Tori, her home, her clothes, her world, all read like a teen girl’s fantasy wish list. Everything within the story is described in minute detail, disrupting the flow of the story. The dialogue in the book is also problematic. Discussions are belaboured and the phraseology awkward. Much of the dialogue in the book lacks any kind of organic or natural flow.

As a main character, I find Tori to be arrogant and petulant. Her bravado is over the top, and yet she is plagued by insecurity when it comes to Ryder and his past relationships. While this may be appropriate for a girl Tori’s age, I found it exhausting and distracting. Stoneking relies on stereotypes to develop her characters; the gay best friend, the fun supportive mom, the jealous ex, the trolling romantic rival, etc. As such, none of the characters are developed to potential.

The plot is meandering and unfocused. I’m still not sure I can identify the central crisis, but rather a series of melodramatic, soap opera-esque events. Tori’s life is plagued by dramatic upheaval, but while each crisis generates some mild entertainment, these events aren’t adequately developed and don’t advance the plot in a meaningful way. For example, while Tori’s initial relationship with her live-in girlfriend Fayleigh establishes Tori as a bisexual woman, and generates some drama and bad behaviour, I’m not sure what other purpose it serves. Tori’s bisexuality certainly could’ve been revealed in a more interesting, relevant way. Ryder’s big reveal, hinted at in the book’s synopsis, comes too late in the story to have plot-line impact. Again, if Ryder’s true nature had been better integrated into the story, it would have given the book a more concrete structure.

I’ve discovered that Stoneking writes erotic short stories, which I think may be worth investigating. She has the ability to flesh out a colourful, erotic sequence that might be perfect for a short story. Given the scope of a novel, however, I hope book two in this series includes significant tightening and development.

2 sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
BSM Stoneking is the hottest new author on the supernatural erotica scene. Her series, The Vampires Ange De La Mort has earned rave reviews from authors and readers alike. The erotic scenes in this book are well known, but the storyline is unforgettable!

Her newest release, Capture's Temperance, has already hit the *Best Books of 2016* list. This BDSM romance "Deserves a standing ovation. Your senses will be teased, tantalized and will make you subconsciously purr like a kitten. BSM is blessed with an innate ability to weave an imaginative web capturing readers with her tempting words."

Please note: All of BSM Stoneking's books and/or short stories overflow with Adult Only Content! If sexual content offends you, BSM Stoneking's books are NOT for you.

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