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Sunday, October 15, 2023

99 cents - Realm of Midnight: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Paranormal Collection + giveaway

What kind of world ruler would you be?
I’m not going to lie; I think I’d be a lot like my main character in Fae Cursed, Aoife (pronounced E-fa). So many things I wrote about her touch close to home with me. She is brave and headstrong and maybe a bit rash, but she does it because she’s filled with so much passion for the people she loves. She’s also an empath. One of my favorite scenes is when she gets into a fight with her mother, the Fae Queen, and they’re magic together ices things up a bit.

Excerpt from Fae Cursed found exclusively in Realm of Midnight)
Aoife’s eyes narrowed, and her chest puffed out.

“Mother, I love him, and I refuse to let you ruin my life like you did Aisling’s.” Aoife’s chin rose, her look steel. Resolute.

“My dear,” her mother said frostily, and the temperature in the room seemed to drop ten degrees along with her mood, “you have no say in this matter. You are to leave off with this fanciful fling at once. I understand you are young in your ideals of love, but this will not be tolerated for one more second. He is beneath you.”

The room got colder still as her mother stared at her, and she became the epitome of a defiant daughter.

“Beneath me?” Aoife shouted. The room was so cold that she could now see her breath. “He’s a royal; how can you say that?”

“He doesn’t have Ancient blood, Aoife.” Her mother glared at her, ice crystals forming on the edges of her lips.

There was no way she was going to back down from this, and Aoife sensed her mother’s steel determination. The ice crystals that formed on the windows swooped downward with jagged points, each flake resembling a frozen-tipped feather. The ice grew rapidly and expanded, until all the individual flakes formed a solid sheet of ice over the abused pieces of glass. As the two Fae women faced off, the rapid expansion of the freeze didn’t stop at the windows. Steel and metal throughout the room soon followed suit in the unforgiving war of wills between mother and daughter. Someone had to give.

“So, that’s it then? Love means nothing to this race anymore?” Aoife was near tears, but she refused to give her mother that satisfaction.

“Aoife, you are the daughter of a Queen, descendent of the Ancients, leader of your people. It has always fallen to a select few to sacrifice their wants for the needs of others. You are no different, Child.” The tone her mother used was softer now.

“I am not a child,” Aoife yelled, perhaps confirming the immaturity of her vulnerable heart and young Fae years, but she didn’t care. “Why can’t you see that? Better I was human than the daughter of the Fae Queen,” she spat hatefully. “If you keep me from him, I will never forgive you. Never.” And with that Aoife turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

XOXO, Bethany Strobel

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October 17th 2023
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