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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect: An Addictive Horror Novel by PD Alleva + giveaway

Let’s talk Sleepy Hollow. Let’s talk about demons, prophecies, myths, curses, and ghosts and throw in a little medieval torture for good measure. Then allow the conversation to turn over into sacrifice and contacts. Would you sell your soul to save the one you love? What if they did the same for you? Would you give your soul in return? Well, would you? How far would you go to save the love of your life?

This is the premise of my current writing in progress, a novel tentatively titled, The Sleepy Hollow Incident. It’s gothic, psychological, and in the end, a twisted love story. There’s nothing better than skating the fine line between the light and the dark. Question is, who wins? Which side becomes the mainstay, the yin or the yang. Are we going to be mostly dark with a little light, or mostly light with a touch of dark? If you’ve read any of my horror novels, you already know I don’t cut corners and I’m not all about happily ever after. And honestly, not even I’m aware of the outcome of the Sleepy Hollow Incident. I’m flying by the seat of my pants with this one, holding on to the point that my knuckles are turning white and I’ll need a perm when its all over.

The Sleepy Hollow Incident is a story that has been on my mind for a very long time. More than thirty years. Writing it is like reaching back into my youth and rediscovering what it was like to be young, looking forward to all of life’s challenges with big dreams on the mind and inspiration around every corner. Probably why the story is set during the 90s, my decade of decadence and I’m having the time of my life writing this one. I have an uncanny ability to set my mind into different time periods, taking on the essence and mindset of the time. Kind of like time traveling inside the mind. Poof and your living in the 90s or 50s or 40s or even the 1800s. Wherever the story needs to go I’m riding on the bumper of a DeLorean and racing across time at 88 mph.

The story is a part of my demons and devils series of stand alone novels that include previously published books, Golem, and Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect.

The series is all about manipulation and treachery and the undercurrent of mind control and cerebral programming. Golem is a gothic horror novel whereas Jigglyspot is a horror thriller or horror fantasy novel. All my novels are psychological. As a writer I enjoy dabbling in different writing styles and as a psychotherapist, adding the psychological component comes naturally. But The Sleepy Hollow Incident is a mix of thriller and gothic which seems to be taking on a life all its own. I just passed 120k words and I’m pretty certain I’m about halfway to the conclusion. So, its completely possible I break the story up into several novels. Maybe, I haven’t fully decided yet because I do like a long book. But we shall see.

So, lets get on with it. Below is a snippet from The Sleepy Hollow Incident. Have at it and enjoy.

Happy Halloween.

Hope you’re enjoying spooky season.

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PD Alleva

The Sleepy Hollow Incident
Hallucinations. Mind control. Manipulation. That’s how the demon worked. Made you feel like you lost your mind. An effort to create confusion in his victims. Confusion for Marc too, the reason why Lori returned to Sleepy Hollow.

Reeelleaeaeaeasssssse Meeeeeee!

The apparition stood between the trees, watching her. Angry. Determined. Haunted.

“I am,” she hollered with a crack in her voice.

She pulled the wool beanie over her ears and moved forward through the woods. Everything led up to this moment and she will need to confront Marc. Confront Marc and his demon.

Because what would you do if someone sold their soul to save your life? Would you give them yours in return?

Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect
by PD Alleva
October 31, 2023
Genre(s): horror, thriller, horror fantasy, paranormal horror, supernatural horror, occult horror, suspense, and speculative fiction
Publisher: Chamber Door Publishing, LLC
Word Count: 157,000
Carnivals, Cannibals, and Clowns. Oh My!

Wanna go for a ride?

Meet Jigglyspot, a five-foot tall half human half warlock carnival clown who spends his free time moonlighting as a drug dealing pimp and lackey for demonic entities who prey on the weak and vulnerable, casting their dark shadow across humanity through manipulation, and fear.

Jigglyspot was selected to serve as the event coordinator for 2019’s Summer Solstice Celebration at the prestigious Cannibal CafĂ©. A celebration that brings together both demon and human alike. But with less than two weeks before the celebration, Jigglyspot’s got so much to do and little time to do it. And the feds are hot on his tail. Between securing new recruits for demonic possession, choosing fresh bodies to slice and dice for dinner, and the fact that his girlfriend, Kera, is eating up most of his time, Jiggly’s at his wit’s end.

Hopefully, those demons appreciate all his sacrifices. Hopefully, but unlikely. Those demons can be hell to deal with. Jigglyspot knows; he’s been dealing with them for decades.

Will he rise above, or will tragedy and mayhem lead to dire discoveries poisoned with manipulation and betrayal that will ultimately destroy all Jigglyspot holds dear?

Discover Jigglyspot and his cast of clowns, killers, demons, and wretched fiends, in a novel like you’ve never experienced. Horror, mayhem, thrills, chills, fantasy, and spoils are waiting for your reading eyes with an escape into the underworld of mind control and human slavery.

Warning:This book contains scenes with profound psychological suffering, and graphically violent acts, behaviors, thoughts, deeds, and ridicule. No one has been spared, and no label is safe. Although we are proud to report, no animals were harmed during the writing of this novel, so that’s a good thing. Everyone else is fair game. After all, if you were a demon, what would you think of humanity?

Fans of Grady Hendrix, Catriona Ward, Clive Barker, and Stephen King will be captivated by this edge of your seat, eye-popping, wtf horror novel that is certain to be your next addictive read. As they say, you don’t just read Jigglyspot… You DEVOUR Jigglyspot!


About the Author:
PD's Cool Merchandise
I write books, that’s what I do. Horror, scifi, thrillers, fantasy, and sometimes a literary gem. Good ones, crazy ones, fun books, entertaining books, terrifying books that are absolutely insane, books with depth and thrills, and stories that rip out the heart of humanity and tosses it on a slab to be feasted on. Yeah, that’s what I do, I write books. Any questions?

My current projects include: the Pulp Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, The Dark Veil: The Rose Vol. III; the horror thriller novella series, Girl on a Mission; the supernatural thriller series, The Hypnotist; and a follow up to Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, tentatively titled The Sleepy Hollow Incident.

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