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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular: PNR Author Eileen Sheehan + giveaway

The Werewolf Lure by Eileen Sheehan
In the night when the moon is full, I listen to the howling of the beasts
They speak to each other with a sound all their own as they call to gather for the feast
Both man and beast they are combined from a curse made long ago
They walk as man both day and night until the full moon the beast does show
A strange thing happens deep within when I hear the cursed call in the wild
I let blood and body obey the lure to become the moon’s beast child.

Vampire Iniquity (Tugurlan Chronicles Book One)
by Eileen Sheehan
Genre: Paranormal-thriller-romance
Publisher: Earth Wise Books
ISBN: 978-1726747400
Number of pages:546
Word Count: 90,471
Cover Artist: Eileen Sheehan
Join Dan on his journey of discovery as he not only learns that vampires exist, but that he has inherited the gift of being a slayer.

Enter a dark and dangerous world that is filled with vampires, cannibalism, and human trafficking in the award winning novel, "Vampire Iniquity", Book One of the "Tugurlan Chronicles".

When Dan gets tangled up in a rescue mission to save his friend's fiancé, he is taken on a journey of self-discovery and family secrets. Battling against egotistical Dracula descendants, he soon learns of his family's legacy as vampire slayers.

With the help of his cousin, they must enter the den of iniquity once again to rid the wolf of these evil beings. But, will they be successful? And, at what cost? Find yourself on the edge of your seat in this thrilling and captivating read.

Vampire Iniquity Audio Sample

I lay sleeping in the fetal position on the damp earthen floor of my cell as a hazy light filtered through the small windows. The clanking of heavy metal as a pair of large hairy hands unlocked the cage door brought me quickly to the alert.

My eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness and I was able to see a fair bit of my surroundings. I rose up slowly, staring in disbelief as an enormous man-wolf-like creature reached down and put both of his hairy hands under my arms. He picked me up off my feet as if I was nothing more than a rag doll and held me dangling in the air. Without warning, the creature slammed me down so hard I was sure my feet were going to be repositioned above my head. I was given only a brief moment of reprieve to catch my balance before I was pushed out of the cage.

Puffs of dank dust swirled around my head as I stumbled and landed on the dungeon floor. I was grateful for my martial arts training and my understanding of going with the motion instead of fighting it. Shifting my body, I spun back into a crouched balance. I had no idea what this creature planned on doing with me but I was determined to go down fighting. I wouldn’t make it easy for the ugly beast, you could bet money on that.

“I bet you are wondering how a damp, dusty basement of this nature can exist in the desert,” came a voice through the darkness. “You would be surprised what exists beyond your realms of reality.”

I spun toward the voice as Dumitru’s tall, well-built figure stepped out from the depths of the shadows. The favorite son of Wadim and his first wife -an Italian Countess who Wadim captured and turned vampire centuries ago- there was no guessing at his ancestry. His sharp, vampire features were accentuated by rich, thick, glistening black hair that was tied snuggly at the base of his neck. Taught muscles bulged beneath the flowing material of his linen shirt. The ruffles at the neck and cuffs seemed out of place on his lean, muscular body.

Although at first glance he looked Caucasian, as I looked more closely I could see his Asian ancestry; especially in his eyes.

“My father has many talents,” the newcomer said. A chuckle, that almost resembled a growl, oozed from his evil sneer. “Stand up!”

I rose slowly, rubbing my sore muscles absent mindedly as I did. Purple welts were beginning to form on my forearms from my encounter with the wolf-man.

“Wu’s star pupil is injured?” He said sarcastically. He reached out and grabbed my arm with such force I was hard pressed to keep my balance. “Well, we cannot have that. I want you in perfect form when we fight.”

I couldn’t hold back the gag reaction my body had from the putrid stench of flesh and blood on Dumitru’s breath ....

About the Author:
Sitting at her antique rolltop desk in her home in upstate New York, Internationally Published and Award Winning author, Eileen Sheehan, writes steamy romance thrillers for the mature adult with a sexy male and strong female. The majority of her novels are paranormal, but some are just plain novels about people in love. As the years progressed, so did her writing style. Although she still includes romance and has a happily ever after ending, her stories tend to have more mystery, thrills, and horror in them.

She makes it a point to write a novel length that will allow the busy readers to be able to sit down in an evening (no more than two) and be taken on a journey that was created by her active imagination without having a week go by before they gets to the end of the story.

An incurable romantic, she has a love affair with at least one of her characters... one book at a time. She hopes the same thing happens to you.

Eileen started out as a freelance writer for periodical magazines and newspapers. From there, she tried her hand at writing screenplays. Her screenplay, "When East Meets West" was a finalist in the 2001 Independent International Film and Video Festival at Madison Square Gardens, NYC. Finally finding her niche, she lets her imagination loose with paranormal romance/thrillers.

If you want to see more quality writings at a reasonable price, please support her efforts by leaving a review and becoming a follower

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  1. Vampire Iniquity sounds fascinating. Great excerpt. I'd love to read more.