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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Adult Coloring Book Review: Color Universe by Kerby Rosanes

Color Universe
by Kerby Rosanes
October 17, 2023
80 pages
10 x 0.37 x 9.99 inches
A true celebration of phenomenal selections from Kerby Rosanes’s bestselling “World”series

Color Universe brings together some of Kerby’s most dazzling scenes, from extraterrestrial landscapes and dreamlike mythical realms to our own animal kingdom. In this compilation, Kerby has curated a new coloring challenge that features the most awe-inspiring illustrations from his internationally bestselling books Fragile World, Worlds Within Worlds, Mythic World, and Alien Worlds.

This coloring book opens with a sixteen-page full-color section showcasing some of the many ways to color in his works, alongside the illustrator’s personal tips and tricks, which will inspire all readers as they enter Kerby’s universe and embark on their most adventurous coloring journeys yet.


 Another coloring book from Kerby Rosanes! The artwork is curated from other coloring books by Kerby, so nothing new. But it is a chance to color again...maybe differently this time. The beginning includes some of the artwork colored by some talented colorists. He then talks about each piece and the techniques they used and gives some tips on how to use those techniques in your coloring.

 So much detail to play with! Have fun.


5 "fantastical" Sheep


About the Author
Kerby Rosanes is an icon in the world of coloring books--his artistry has inspired fans everywhere with its dazzling lines and distinctive flair. The Philippines-based illustrator first burst onto the scene with the instant New York Times bestseller Animorphia (2015). Rosanes has since published 10 more books, built a global fanbase, and worked with powerhouse clients as far-ranging as Nike, Disney, Netflix, Mazda, and Krispy Kreme.

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