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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Exc;usive Excerpt: Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Rift (A Fantasy Romance) by Ellie Horn

Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Rift (A Fantasy Romance)
by Ellie Horn

CENTAUR RIFT: The first book in the Warrior Hearts Academy Centaur Trilogy.

I thought I understood the way the world worked.
Family was something other people had. Trust was rewarded with betrayal. And survival depended upon brains and brawn.
Until a stallion in a moonlit cornfield proves that everything I had ever believed is a lie.

Because he isn’t exactly a horse. Although after shifting into six and a half feet of gorgeous human warrior, he’s certainly hung like one. Consider me awestruck.

Or completely unhinged, more likely.

This guy threatens both my sanity and the walls built around my heart. But he also houses a destructive secret. When he tells me he was once a Centaur who lived in another realm, my jaw drops even further. Just how broken is this dude?

To show he’s not, he takes me through a portal and reveals that werewolves, dragons, and warlocks are real. Some of them horrify me, others call to my heart—and a few do both.

Could things get any crazier? Apparently so.

Turns out, I have secrets of my own.

Who knew?

Exclusive Excerpt:
When Marcus appeared, I was momentarily caught off guard. With his messy, damp hair, fresh-scrubbed look, and tee shirt and sweats that actually fit, he suddenly looked much younger.

Still a bloody big guy, but more human. And sexy as hell.

I wrenched my gaze away from him and bent to pull the chicken out of the oven. Sitting at the table, we both gobbled the wings down as though we hadn’t seen food in eons.

Then I basically shoved Marcus down the hall and into the spare room. Considering the thoughts cruising through my head, manhandling him may not have been the best idea, but it was the only way to get him to move.

He only did so to be polite. Touching him was like touching stone. He was that hard. No way I could have moved him if he hadn’t decided to give to my wishes.

“Cara will be back soon—” he protested.

“She told you to rest. And that is what you should do,” I insisted.

His eyes sparked golden fire at me as the door closed. I paused outside for a moment, seized with the overwhelming urge to follow him in. But then I remembered the presence looming over me in the shower. And I reminded myself that until I found balance in this new life, jumping into bed with an ex-Centaur that sprouted wicked claws at unexpected times might not be the best idea…

About the Author:

Ellie Horn loves farm life, loves her husband, loves adventures with her animals—Ellie just loves LOVE. What else would you expect from a romance author? But somewhere in her loving heart there is a draw to the realm of the unknown. The SUPERNATURAL. The PARANORMAL. So, she spends her days writing stories about love in fantastical worlds.

Ellie also writes shifter thriller and space opera novels under the pen name L.E. Horn.

Check out her website at While you are there, sign up to receive her newsletter.

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