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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Funky Werepig Show Season 4: Episode #25

Season 4: Episode #25
Hey but hey, howdy and Harroink!

Tis the season--- so shove it up a chimney, Christmas. We're bringing the spooky, the kooky, the kick bahookie. It's HALLOWEEN!

And we brought in the heavy hitters. Our old buddy, legendary paranormal investigator MR. HAUNTED has come to party. The Godfather of Goth Rock, BOBBI STYLE supplies the music. And everybody gets an orb!

It's pure hoodoo voodoo in the No Pants Zone Studios. If you dare...

MR. HAUNTED (Jimmy Petonito)
paranormal investigator
(person on left is on fleek...dude on left is not)

Music Spotlight
"My Addiction" by Bobbi Style

**Make sure you don't miss the the answers to those burning questions (the kind you can't solve with ointment.)
-Is that Michael Aronin or George Clooney? Could it be both? And will Greg ever let Michael be on his damn show?
-Do you need a Wee-gee?
-Does this man (JJ Glamour) have three testicles? And what is he selling?

 -What is the October I Smell Sheep comic book recommendation (spoiler - Total Eclipse of the Moon by Zoe Forward)
Watch the show HERE

The Funky Werepig
Once a live internet radio show. Kind of like Animal House meets Larry King. Now a YouTube show. And no one knows what the hell Animal House or Larry King are. So throw your pants in the air like you just don't care!


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