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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ascension, Vampires with wings?!

Ascension by author Caris Roane is the debut novel in her new paranormal romance series, The World of Ascension. Initially what drew me to this book was the cover; I glanced at it and thought "oh great, Angels...snooze fest". But how shocked was I to find that these men are NOT Angels but actually Vampires? That got me, sparked my intrigue. So I bought it and what a very wise decision!

Ascension follows the story of Allison, the mortal tall blonde therapist, who's al
ways felt out of place and really never fit in. Born with some special talents not of this world which prevented her from connecting intimately with another, Allison has lived the life of a loner. Lost in a sea of pain and longing, she struggles to get by until one day her world comes crashing down around her.

Kerrick is a vampire warrior, one of an elite group formed to protect Earth from an alternate universe inhabited by Vampires, some good, some evil. Designed for battle Kerrick is over 6 feet tall, ripped with muscle and sporting a gorgeous set of wings. *sigh* As Kerrick and Allison's paths collide they are taken on a journey of life or death survival, pain, love and adventure.

Thrown into a world she does not understand Allison fights to find her place. Allison struggles against an uncontrollable pull to Kerrick while carving a new path for herself. On the other side of this coin Kerrick too is drawn to Allison by a force from the gods. Struggling with a painful past he undergoes an internal battle of wills. Wants and needs. Man oh man is Kerrick in waaaay over his head. :)

Ascension is so very well written, the characters are ones you would like to meet. Maybe hang out at the local pub (or the Blood and Bite lol) and throw back a couple Maker's shots. Funny and witty dialog between characters, plot building for future books. The action is described in exquisite detail, I swear to the undead gods I was sweating reading certain chapters! Caris brings the romance in spades, drool run down your mouth good. What a vampiretastic ride. And me loves some vamps. :) These boys are too hot for words, I loved loved loved this book and can't wait to read the next edition coming out in May.

Run out and grab this book as fast as you can, you will NOT be disappointed.

Getting 4 and 1/2 Warrior Vampire Sheep


  1. cool, I was thinking about reading this book. The cover wants to be so awesome, but just misses . I think the girl in his arms like that adds to much cheese sauce to it .

  2. @Sharon yeah I am with ya on that one, a little cheesy but I do love some cheese now and then. *pulls out can of cheese wiz and crackers*

    Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

    AND just FYI the guy in the book has long hair not a short cut like homeboy up there.

  3. Hmmm.. will add it to my possible buy list.
    And angels: snooze fest?
    You never read Sharon Shinn's Samaria novels I'm guessing.

  4. @McPig lol I just mean that for ME Angels are kinda boring. BUT if you know of a series that could change my mind....I am always open to reading them. :)