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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Interview with KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott

Today the ladies of I Smell Sheep bring to you our FIRST double author interview! KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott team up to author Born Into Fire. You can check out my review on that book below. The four of us sat down to chat all things paranormal, life, love and which soda rocks more. (Duh, that would be Coke!) We hope you enjoy!

Colorado. Blown glass workshop. 2 Sheep and 2 Elementals

Katie: Thank you KyAnn and Tarah for taking the time to sit down and chat with us today. This will be our first time interviewing 2 authors at the same time so let’s have some fun! *slaps hands together* So tell those who don't know about Born into Fire what the story is about.

KyAnn: Double Interview – so we sort of have a group thing going on here. No wonder I feel so welcome.

Tarah: Born Into Fire is set in our modern world, with a twist; humans exist who aren’t wholly human, but are a type of shape shifter. They have the ability to shift into one of the four element forms. Our heroine Kenna Lang doesn’t know it, but she’s what’s known as an Element, human, but with the ability to shift into her element form, which is fire. She meets a man (two men, in fact,) one who wishes to love her, and one who wants to own her.

Here’s a teaser:

Aspiring artist Kenna Lang can’t believe her luck in meeting the gorgeous Eric Grey. What she doesn’t know is that their chance encounter was by his design.

Their affair turns hotter than even her glass furnaces. Together they are explosive. Drawn together in an erotic joining, they become more than human. He shows her they descend from elements of air, water, earth, and fire. She’s fire, and he’s air. And together, their power is unimaginable.

But the timeless struggle that wages between their elements—and the world—may tear them apart.

Amber: The main character Kenna is a glass artist; I found this really very cool. So I wonder who has the addiction with glass art? Or was it a random pick?

Tarah: KyAnn was already in love with the idea of writing about a glass blower, so that was a starting point for us. With that idea in mind, we knew that Kenna’s element had to be fire. In the world of Born Into Fire, all Elements have some sort of affinity with their natural element.

KyAnn: I live in Utah and when the 2002 Olympics were held in Salt Lake, Chihuly had an exhibit to celebrate. I fell in love with his work and knew one day I’d have a way to use that inspiration in a story. This project with Tarah was brilliantly perfect. To see his work from the SLC exhibit, Amber: I live in Idaho KyAnn so I know Utah pretty well, and very cool to know that your idea came from that area. KyAnn: Don’t get me started on Utah. The Utah Tourism Bureau could use me to advertise. Lol. I love it here. I was raised in South Dakota and have lived in LA, but Utah is home.

Katie: What was the craziest thing you ladies did in high school or college?

Tarah: ROFL. If I told you that, I would have to kill you. Oh, wait, you said craziest, not illegal. Let’s see…oh boy, I was pretty tame, but I’d say the craziest thing I did was something I did quite by accident. I grew up in southern Texas where, believe it or not, the Wild West still exists in pockets of the mammoth state. I was seventeen years old, and one day my sister and I went to Padre Island with some friends. One of the guys—a real nut in retrospect—insulted a biker, one of the Bandito clan. All our friends scattered, but my sister and I stayed to protect the fool from getting hurt by the Bandito—a guy who was quite large. We both had guardian angels that day! Katie: So what did the guy do? Just let you take your friend and leave? ROFL. When my sister jumped on the Bandito’s back, he yanked her off, called her a very nasty name and told her not to touch him again. He was very scary. We both got the hint at that point we were way out of our league. We couldn’t get a hold of our mother, so we called a school counselor who we knew well. He came and rescued us. We remained good friends with him and his later wife, even went to their wedding a few years later. See, all things happen for a reason.

KyAnn: Oh hell-o. I’ve done some pretty crazy stuff. Took the T-tops off the car and took a drive on a sunny day. Left home in Utah and ended up at Glacier National Park in Montana where it was a blizzard. We were in shorts and t-shirts. Needed parkas and gloves. (and the drive was like almost 600 miles one way lol) Back before I had my two boys, taking spur of the moment trips was a bit of a habit. Drove to San Francisco on a Friday after work, spent Saturday night tooling around the city and drove home on Sunday to work on Monday morning. That’s about 750 miles one way. Sheesh, with gas prices now, those days are over. And the fact that I need to sleep now. lol Katie: oh yes, to be young again and need no sleep, plus gas WAS more affordable then. But wasn’t San Fran worth the trip?! KyAnn: Remembering those times makes me smile. However, I wouldn’t go back for even a day. Life is so much better now.

Amber: With the fire and wind elements being the main ones in this novel what more can we look forward to in upcoming books?

KyAnn&Tarah: We would love to write about all the four elements in different combinations. There are also dragons, and another type of Element, Shadow Elements, who are the progenitors to Kenna and Erion’s form as Elements. Amber: Looking forward to it! Do you have a release date for the next installment? Not yet, Amber. We have several other books ahead of the queue in our writing schedule. But we promise to let you know!

Katie: If the world were going to end in 24 hours what would you do with that time left?

Tarah: I guess I’m boring. I’d spend that time with my daughter.

KyAnn: Oh isn’t that a depressing thought. I’ve been married for eighteen years and we have two boys. I’m spending my final hours with them. But let’s talk about the next 24 hours. I want a vanilla latte and a big juicy cheeseburger from 5 Guys (love that place), a nice feisty evening with my husband and my boys not to argue over the video games, toys or television. Katie: What is Five Guys KyAnn? I get that it’s a burger spot but how good can they be? In the spirit of Vincent from Pulp Fiction, “That's a pretty freaking good burger. I don't know if it's worth five dollars but it's pretty freaking good.”

Amber: Who inspired or supported each of you becoming a writer?

Tarah: My first main support was Kim Comeau, my mentor and critique partner. Kim really took the time to mentor me. She’s quite wonderful. Another main support is my good friend and co-author Evan Trevane. I can always count on Evan to lend an ear—and eye—when I need input. His insight is invaluable.

KyAnn: I have a great group of friends, but I owe Ravyn Wilde for bringing me to the naughty side of writing. She encouraged me to try erotic romance.

Katie: You are stranded on a deserted island; you can pick one person to be there with you. Who do you pick and why?

Tarah: I would choose my daughter, but she would never forgive me for stranding her on a desert island without internet. I can only hope I get stranded with a hunky Robinson Crusoe! (He needs to know how to fend in the wild and I’m not just talking about the jungle!) Katie: lol I like that

KyAnn: Oye, I don’t think anyone could take me on a deserted island. They’d throw me to the sharks for sure. So I’d say it would have to be someone with multiple personality disorder so that when I drive one personality crazy they can switch to someone new. And since it’s my choice, they need to look like Robert Downey Jr. I think he’s hot. Katie: So no…..duh, winning! Charlie Sheen? hahaha

Amber: What were your favorite stories to read as a kid? Mine was Amelia Bedelia, and I am always curious to know what authors read as children.

Tarah: Oh! That’s a tough question. I was a total geek and read everything! One book I read over and over again was Jane Eyre. I did read all the Nancy Drew books as well as the Hardy Boys. Of course, I read all the Bobbsey Twins and Box Car Children books first!

KyAnn: My mom’s steamy romances. Must be why I love to write stories with hot sex. lol

Katie: How does co-authoring a book work out? Does one write a portion and the other adds to it?

Tarah: Most collaborators write separate chapters or characters. For example, one will write even chapters, the other odd chapters. In our case, we rewrote each other’s draft. So, if I wrote the first couple chapters, I would then send that to KyAnn and she would rewrite/revise, then add to the draft. Then the book comes back to me, and I do the same again. The book grows organically. We feel this creates a finished product that is fully integrated with our combined styles that doesn’t leave any seams. The trick to this sort of collaboration is trust. Each partner must know the other isn’t making changes to imprint themselves, but only to serve story. It’s a great lesson in story. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my collaboration experiences is when to put aside myself as the writer and serve story. It’s tough!

KyAnn: Tarah and I have other projects together and I have to say it’s getting easier. But as Tarah said, easy is relative when I think back at what we’ve accomplished. It wasn’t until the book was finished that I really appreciated the journey. I admit, it was hard for me to check my controlling side at the door. I’m sure there were times Tarah would have liked to reach through email, phone, or IM and strangle me. I think because we have such a strong friendship and more than that, an appreciation for what the other brings to the story that makes our collaboration work—knowing the story is going to be better because we write it together.

Katie: In the nursery rhyme "A Diller A Dollar" why do you think the ten o'clock scholar started coming at noon?

KyAnn: Hopefully the scholar was dillying and dallying with someone worth being late for. And if I was going to let my erotic mind start to wander, and apply the words for an adult nursery rhyme, I’d wonder if the poem could actually be referring to premature ejaculation. But if he used to come at ten but now he comes at noon, maybe it’s just taking him longer to get started. Katie: Who ever said romance writers are dull should be shot in the street at high noon! lol

Tarah: KyAnn puts the erotic in our erotic romance. She gives me plenty of compliments on my sexy scenes, but she knows how to stroke a person. Heh heh. (That’s what makes her so good.)

Amber: Where can fans find you in the coming months? Any book signings or conventions?

Tarah: For the present, fans can find me at different online events. I’m currently at Publishers Weekly as well as The Romance Reviews Grand Opening. Keep an eye on my website. I update events often.

KyAnn: I wish I were going to RT this year, but I couldn’t make it work. Hopefully next year. Otherwise, my butt will be firmly planted in my writing chair. I have several projects I’d like to see wrapped up this summer. Oh, and you can find me at the neighborhood Starbucks and 5 Guys burger. (You’ll see me with a deranged Robert Downey Jr lookalike. We were rescued from the deserted island after the 24hours passed and we realized the world wasn’t really going to end, just my favorite tv sitcom) Katie: LOL Send me pics!

Katie: It’s time for the Rapid Fire round. We will ask you both the same question and each of you let us know the first answer that pops in the brain. Ready ladies? GO!

Katie: Firefly or Farscape

Tarah: Farscape (That’s from Star Trek the Second Generation. Heh heh.)

KyAnn: Ditto (no wonder we get along so well Tarah) Katie: BOTH are great but I totally agree. Was kinda a trick question. hehehe

Amber: Mike and Ike or Gummy Bears

Tarah: Mike and Ike

KyAnn: Skittles – Love the flavors of the rainbow.

Katie: Ghouls or Zombies

Tarah: Ghouls

KyAnn: Zombies – Can I have my own army of undead? Katie: I think something can be arranged….

Tarah: Can anyone guess what KyAnn’s army will look like (Katie and Amber shake heads while dreaming of potential undead army’s)

Amber: Red or Black

Tarah: Red

KyAnn: Black – (I did say my butt would be in the chair and black is slimming)

Katie: Fancy Hat or Fancy Shoes

Tarah: Oh no! Both are fighting for first place in my brain. I think I’m going to be dizzy.

KyAnn: Shoes baby! And don’t tell my husband he said no more after the last slew went to the donation truck

Amber: Victorian or Renaissance

Tarah: Renaissance

KyAnn: Yikes – I defer to Tarah on this one. I follow her lead on all things historical

Katie: Coke or Pepsi

Tarah: Coke! Katie: YES! I am with you on this one Tarah. COKE all the way!

KyAnn: Diet Pepsi. (Tarah, you need to take the Pepsi challenge.) Katie: KyAnn come to the right side. Soon. Tarah: Took the challenge, baby. I’m a Coke girl. (At least we know KyAnn and I won’t be fighting over the last Coke. Heh heh.) Amber: I am with KyAnn on the Pepsi part…just not diet! Blah. Adding more points to the Pepsi tally Katie. Hahahaha Tarah: Ugh, diet anything sucks. HA! KyAnn: I refuse to drink my “sugar” calories. No juice, shakes, sodas. If I’m getting sugar it’ll be in cookies, cake, Danish (no donuts). I love baked sweets. (Please note we had to move on before shots were fired. lol kidding. kind of.)

Amber: BBQ Ribs or BBQ Chicken

Tarah: God, brain freeze. I’m stuck in the middle again.

KyAnn” BBQ Chicken – Especially love pulled chicken sandwich.

Katie: Dancing Shows or Singing Shows

Tarah: Singing shows.

KyAnn: Singing Shows

Amber: Glasses or Contacts

Tarah: Glasses

KyAnn: Glasses, but I think I’m about to become Lasik

Katie: True Blood or Vampire Diaries

Tarah: True Blood!

KyAnn: Ducks head – I don’t want either. I watch very little television.

Tarah: Neither do I, KyAnn, but True Blood is one of the shows worth watching. Katie: Oh yeah it’s good. And Eric Northman is yummy! But aside from all the eye candy it’s a great show. Tarah: It really is. And the show pumped a lot of blood back into vampire romance. (I heard the groans with that one.)

Amber: Nunchucks or Throwing Stars

Tarah: Throwing stars.

KyAnn: Nunchucks (from the purple belt in Gung Fu)

Katie: Thank you both so much for having fun with us, we look forward to reading upcoming books of yours. Anything either of you would like to add in closing?

Thank you so much for having us. You can find me at

Great to have been here. Thanks for taking the time to interview us. Be sure to visit me at And don’t forget to connect with my via twitter. I love all things twitter!

And now on to the prize giveaway! One lucky winner is going to get a 10$ Barnes and Noble gift card AND a copy of Born Into Fire. To be automatically entered to win make sure to list these two things:

1.Your Email Address

2. If you could pick any element to use as a power what would it be?

Contest ends April 10th at midnight. Good Luck!


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