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Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Side of the Grave, Ghost?

This Side of the Grave by author Jeanine Frost is the 5th book in her Night Huntress series. I waited on pins and needles for my next fix of Cat and Bones. PINS AND NEEDLES PEOPLE! lol. Okay, I will calm down now. *deep breaths in and out* So after months and months of waiting did This Side of the Grave meet my high expectations? Yes, but for me, a few things either seemed lacking or kind of soft compared to previous books. Read on and see....

So in book 5 we have our main squeezes, Cat and Bones. These two are such an awesome pair. I love the dynamic they have and how they get each other on all levels. Cat and Bones are off to investigate the disappearance of masterless vampires. There are ghouls creating tension and conflict between the various factions, so to avoid a supernatural war, Cat and Bones head out to find allies and kick some butt. Niiice. Me likes so far.... until the plot continues. :( Now here is the hard part, if I say too much I'll spoil it for you IF you have yet to grab this book. If I say too little, you're left scratching your head trying to figure me out! *sigh* Ok, Ok that's me most of the time already. Guilty as charged. :)

I will say that "certain" characters in the book were not as edgy or enticing as in previous books. The enemy this time around seemed kind of weak and not very worthy. Cat didn't really get to let loose as she had in the past. It seemed very tame to me. I really do NOT like saying that! I enjoy reading these books so much that I can overlook the small stuff, but this book just lacked some of that sparkle. When you know what a writer is capable of, it's hard to look past things when they drop the ball (even if that ball only drops a little).

I will say that you do get to see Vlad (I love you Vlad, marry me!!!) and the whole cast of pals that we have grown to love/hate. The romance department was not lacking in this story. Cat and Bones are never dull in that area. ;) I hope book 6 takes us back on the action/adventure/twisting plot/witty dialog track and I look forward to reading it. *raises glass in the air* And here's to hoping the next spin-off book is for Vlad! *cheers with Amber and Richard* :) To wrap, the book is good, not mind-blowing great like previous books, but still worth the money and time.

Getting 4 Vlady Sheep


  1. Vlad is yummy for sure!!!! Can't wait for his book, actually Vlad is getting 2 (YES 2) books.... eeeekkkk can't wait... Love this series!!!!!

  2. oh Vlad....take me away to your castle!!!!! Thanks for the comment Kelly and as you can tell I too can't wait for his book!

  3. This is my least favorite of the Night Huntress series. The story unfolded very slowly and seemed to drag on. I found myself reaching for other books between chapters and struggled to pick it up again.

  4. I've heard mix feelings about this one. But I am with Katie...Vlad!! Are you looking forward to his spin off series? The new cover has me all a quiver ;)