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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Regin baby!

Dreams of a Dark Warrior by author Kresley Cole is the 11th book in her Immortals After Dark series. I am a BIG fan of this author and enjoy each of her stories. I will say that I had very high hopes for this latest book. Did she deliver? Read on and find out.....

Valkyire Regin the Radiant is one of my fav characters (next to Nix). Regin is quick with her swords and even quicker with a blunt commentary. Enemies, friends and family alike never know what to expect. Her sarcasm pulls on my heart strings and I LOVE it. lol She busts me up non-stop with some of my all time favorite tag lines. On top of all this she is a beauty in her own right. Her kiss is said to enslave men, and her glowing skin draws them in like months to the flame. LOVE IT. :)

Only down side is... the man she loves, Aidan the Fierce, is destined to die over and over again. Soon after each reunion he is brutally killed in some fashion. *stabs fake sword into my heart* After each death he comes back in a new body, but somehow always knows in his heart who she is. Wash rinse and repeat. Very tragic. In this latest tale Aidan has returned as Declan Chase, a man on the hunt for all immortals. He locks them away for vivisection, torture and many other heinous things. He does it all in the name of purification. He's out to rid the world of these so called monsters.

Declan has an uncontrollable yearning for Regin. After capturing and holding her hostage, he is faced with the many issues that have plagued him throughout his existence. Scarred both emotionally and physically from his awful past, can he find peace with the cunning Valkyire? Can Regin love a man so foreign from anyone she has ever known? Want to know.....gotta read the book to find out! :)

Not as much action as in previous stories so I'm a little let down in that department. Regin also lost just a tad of her more dominating foul mouth nature. That being said she still held it down with a few classics that only she could pull off. Romance heats up the rest of the pages. Kresley NEVER disappoints me in that department. ;) New characters are introduced in this book. Old ones come back to continue building plots. Overall, a fun read that's well worth it, very enjoyable.

I am giving this one 4 glowing sheep of the Lore.

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