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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles--a double review

***Richard and I teamed up on this one, we did not see the movie together nor did we tell one another what we thought before we wrote our reviews. Some very similar feelings on this one, kind of cool :).***

I won't lie, the only reason why I went to see Battle:LA was because I couldn't understand why Aaron Eckhart would sign onto a War of the Worlds/Independence Day wanna be movie! Obviously, with an attitude like that, my expectations were set pretty low.

The plot follows the same recipe that both War of the Worlds and Independence Day follow; so don't expect a huge surprise there: Technologically advanced aliens land and wreak havoc until we earthlings figure out their achilles heel. The major events of the movie play out in a very predictable way, punctuated by extremely blatant placement… someone paid a LOT of money to have their gadgets featured…

whoa… ok. Let me take a step back. I seem to be getting a little too negative here… because I actually liked the film.

The special effects and CG were very impressive. You could tell that
a lot of thought went into the design of the aliens and their technology. I like that the aliens actually fired ballistic weapons instead of ultra high-tech energy weapons. The action in the movie was intense and punctuated by suspenseful, awkward moments of calm. If a firefight were to take place between marines and an alien force through Pasadena, I believe it'd go down just like it's portrayed in the movie.

Bottom line? Go see it for its special effects and action. It totally delivers. (and um, Michelle Rodriguez? I love you!!)

I'm giving this movie 3.5 sheep.

Battle: Los Angeles directed by Jonathan Liebesman stars Aaron Eckhart, Ramon Rodriguez, Ne-Yo, Bridget Moynahan, Noel Fisher and Michelle Rodriguez. This movie kind of felt like a mix of War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Black Hawk Down and District 9. But if you liked any or all of those then you will enjoy this film. :)

The plot is a pretty simple and direct one; Aliens come to take over the earth. The trailers do a pretty decent job showing what is to be expected. Loads of battle action and CGI litter the screen as to be expected in this type of film. The Marines are the men at the front lines fighting back the enemy and trying to keep the civilians alive. You definitely leave this move feeling USA pride and even more respect for our military. Hoo-Rah!

On the acting note, Aaron Eckhart does quiet a bit of over acting throughout the film, I do like him just wish he knew when to pull back on the over the top emotionally lame scenes. Aside from that no one really stands out but kind of blends in as all the same. Overall I enjoyed the film for what it was but as for bringing something new and different it did not deliver that.

Getting 3 and 1/2 water guzzling sheep.

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