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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revoluticon Battle Report

Greetings, dear readers, and today I'm collecting my thoughts after the glorious event which was Revoluticon this past March 16-18. And let me tell you, it was one heck of a convention and I am still recovering from all of the excitement. I met lots of cool people, went to some pretty cool panels and even did my own super-special awesome panel. All while wearing my ever-trusty press hat.

It says Press, that makes it official

First off I'll talk a little bit about my panel and how that went overall. There were a few initial set backs, such as getting the one panel room that didn't have a projector so I couldn't show my hand-crafted powerpoint for the awesome people who showed up. I also was up against some pretty big events in the time slot so I ended up getting an audience of about four.

Half of the people in this picture are people I used to live with.

Well, okay, about three other guys showed up after I started and they didn't get to be in the picture, but it was still a pretty small crowd. But out of the people who attended all of them left at least a little more interested in Warhammer 40,000 and a little more knowledgeable so I would call it an overall success. And for any staff members of Revoluticon reading this, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to talk at your con and hope you're all foolish, I mean wise enough to let me give more panels about my obsession in the future.

Aside from giving my own panel, I also got to attend a couple of really informative or funny panels at the convention. The people over at The Analytical Couch Potato gave a really interesting panel about Klingons from Star Trek and viewing Klingons from a feminist perspective. I personally would like to hear more from them in the future. I also got to talk with the awesome nerd comedy team +2 Comedy and catch a little bit of their stand-up performance. Unfortunately I had to leave halfway through their show to set up my own panel, but I would definitely suggest checking them out and they might be doing a convention near you.

Alex Pearlman (Left) and Noah Houlihan (Right) of +2 Comedy

Finally I got to meet a couple of aspiring artists at the convention like the team of With a Grain of Salt Designs, as well as the art of Julie A. Wright and Lesser Key Studios. They had some interesting stuff and while not all of it was my taste it was definitely pretty good.

Artists doing artist things.

If only they had something that included three of my main passions: History, reading, and science fiction. Oh wait.

Awesome bookmarks from Julie's table

- Kalpar

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