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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sheep Interview: Linda Poitevin + Give away

Parjunkee's View has put together an awesome blog tour for the second book in Linda Poitevin's The Grigori Legacy - Sins of the Son. My review is here. This is Linda's second visit to I Smell Sheep and we are thrilled to have her back cause she likes toast and tea. It might not be Kool Aid and moonpies, but it is a close second! Make sure you check out each site hosting because there is a chance to win a paper copy of Sins of the Son (US only) or an ecopy (US/INT) at each site and one grand prize winner will win a necklace and earring set at the end of the tour! And we all love a little bling.
Sharon: Hello Linda! Welcome back. Usually we serve moon pies and kool-aid, but since you like toasted homemade bread, strawberry jam and tea or coffee we had the flock whip some up *hands over goodies* So let’s start with how have things been since your debut release of Sins of the Angels?
Linda: Thank you so much for having me back, Sharon and Katie! And thank you for remembering! *sips tea* Things have been busy, but good. I’ve finally managed to get a start on the third book in the series (chapter one only took me 17 tries!), I have my office back after my daughter moved out (again), spring is on its way…yup, things are good.

Sharon: 17 tries? Did you ever feel like giving up, or did you just bang your head against the wall?
Linda: I took a LOT of walks. And did a lot of cursing. But I really, really wanted to write the story, so giving up wasn’t an option. I’m nothing if not persistent. <G>
Sharon: The second book in your The Grigori Legacy is Sins of the Son. What can fans of this series expect in this book? Would it be wise for people who haven’t read the first book to start with Sins of the Son?
Linda: Sins of the Son picks up pretty much where Sins of the Angels left off story-wise. Readers will get a great deal more insight into the politics of Heaven and Hell, and into humanity’s precarious position in the grand scheme of things. I’ve tried to make the book as much of a standalone as possible, but it is part of a greater story arc and personally, I always prefer to begin at the beginning.

Katie: Tell us a little more about our leading fella this time? And just HOW sexy is he?
Linda: Which one? Because both Seth and Aramael feature prominently and I introduce another major character in the persona of the Archangel Michael in this book…and all three are the epitome of utter angelic perfection. *sighs dreamily*
Sharon: Remember the quivering? Yeah, I’m there ;)
Katie: And Michael is he single?
Linda: Single, yes. Available, no. At least…no, I can’t say. It might spoil things.
Sharon: O_o

Sharon: You mentioned last time that you had a house full of furry ones. Have there been any more additions? Thought of adopting any sheep? I hear they make great sweaters…er, I mean pets.
Linda: Actually, I’ve managed to downsize my zoo! *does a small happy dance* The daughter that moved out took the older cat and one of the rabbits with her. Sadly, that hasn't made much of a dent in the amount of hair floating around my floors, though. And no, no plans to adopt a sheep. I have heard that you can make wool out of dog hair, though. I may have to look into that, lol!
Sharon: *note to self, don’t do gift exchange with Linda*
Linda: Hey, I give nice gifts! :P

Sharon: Your first book was dark with a strong detective mystery element. Does Sins of the Son follow along this same theme or is it more about the characters and their moral dilemmas.
Linda: Sins of the Son is just as dark as Sins of the Angels, but I’d have to say there’s less of the police procedural aspect in this one for sure…and yes, an awful lot of moral dilemma-ing going on!

Sharon: Do we get more backstory about what happened between The One and Lucifer in this book? My heart broke right along with theirs in the prologue.
Linda: You definitely get some information, but the whole of the story doesn’t come out until book 3. And yes, theirs is a heart-breaking story.

Sharon: Was the irony, that Lucifer and all the angels have the same faults as the humans he hates so much, intended? 

Linda: I'm so glad you saw that element in the story and yes, it was indeed intended. In The Grigori Legacy, the root of the conflict between the fallen angels and humans comes down to Lucifer's hatred of beings he considers beneath him, despite the only real difference being one of power--which seems to me to be the root cause of most real conflicts. 

Sharon: Did you know from the beginning of the series who Alex was going to choose?

Linda: I did know, yes. And I still do. But you don't. *smiles smugly*

Sharon: Can Aramael stand by the decision he has made at the end of Sins of the Son?

Linda: You don't really think I'm going to make it that easy for you, do you? *laughs* Let's just say Aramael canstand by his decision, but the real question is: will he

Sharon: Can you tell us about Emmanuelle, Seth's sister! You touch on her briefly, but I know there has to be a reason <G> do we get more of her story in the next book!?

Linda: You're right, there's definitely a reason, and yes, you get a little more of her story in book 3, but she doesn't play a prominent role until book 4. 

Katie: In coming books how many sexy fellas can we look forward to?
Linda: I’d forgotten about that little fixation of yours, Katie…*shakes head and laughs* I think we’ve pretty much reached our peak of sexy fellas, at least as far as I know. Since I’m one of those “pantser” types, however, I can never rule out anything.
Katie: Reached our peak? *looks around lost* Is that even possible!!
Linda: *patting Katie’s shoulder* Only in this story, Katie, only in this story!

Sharon: Got to ask because we do love our smut, is there any romance in this book? Based on the end of Sins of the Angels, it seemed like the heroine, Alexandra Jarvis, might have her loyalties to Seth and Aramael tested in this next book.
Linda: *rolls eyes* You’re as bad as Katie! If you’re asking about sex, then the answer is no. There is still a definite romantic element involved, however, though in my opinion it’s based more on deeper emotional connections than on physicality this time. And frankly, everyone’s loyalties are tested in this book.
Sharon: This kind of romance is just as satisfying as the ones with sex, and maybe even more emotionally draining because the characters can’t express their feelings physically.
Katie: Again, I know not what you speak!
Linda: There’s definitely sexual tension, though, Katie, so all is not lost. ;)
*Sharon: I am almost done with the book and sexual tension doesn't even begin to describe what Linda has done to these characters! I am dying here <G>

Sharon: Since you are a pantser, have things taken a turn that you weren’t expecting since finishing Sins of the Son?
Linda: A huge turn. There’s something coming in book 3 that shocked me right down to my tootsies…but of course, I can’t tell you anything more than that. *winks and tries to look mysterious*
Sharon: well, that was just mean! But I got to admit I am intrigued will Sins of the Son give us any indication of where you are going with book 3? (yes, I am fishing for information!)
Linda: In some ways, yes, but there are a couple of major twists in book 3 that aren’t at all hinted at.

Sharon: Last time you told us about some of your favorite music. Today tell us about your favorite movie/movie genre?
Linda: I am a total sucker for superhero movies. I just love the whole honor thing and the idea that someone, somewhere, really is fighting evil on a superhuman level. Heaven knows we can use the help these days!
Sharon: yes! I am looking forward to the Avengers movie. It has IronMan, Thor and Captain America. We can make a superhero smoothie of smexy! I’ll get the straws…
Katie: I'll take two straws please!
Linda: I am so not going down that path…

Katie: Which country do you think contains the hottest fellas?

Linda: Oh, my…now that may be the most difficult question I’ve ever had to answer. Let’s see…I think the hottest accent ever is an Irish one, closely followed by Scottish…and after watching The Man from Snowy River multiple times when I was young, I never quite recovered from my fixation with Australian men…I don’t really have to choose just one, do I?
Sharon: Katie can find a loophole so you can pick all you want.
Katie: Oh, yeah for sure. If you say them all at once really fast I'll count that as one. *winks*
Linda: IrelandScotlandAustralia…like that? :D
Katie: She picks up quick!
Sharon: Is there a natural wonder of the world that you would love to see?
Linda: Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland ( is considered one of Canada’s natural wonders – I would love to visit that. Newfoundland is one of the few provinces I haven’t been to yet.
Sharon: Breathtaking!
Sharon: If you could pick a fictional character to have your back during a zombie apocalypse, who would it be?
Linda: If I say Iron Man, can I have the Robert Downey Jr. version?
Sharon: Absolutely! I am torn between Optimus Prime and Thor…
Katie: We can just combine them as one Sharon.
Linda: Optimus Thor? Thorptimus? *makes a face* Um…maybe not.
Sharon: OptiThorPrime?

Katie: If you could go out on a dinner date with Hollywood fella who would it be and why?
Linda: Ahem. I seem to have answered the who part in the previous question…as to why, I think he’s an amazingly complex man who would be very interesting to talk to. He’s been through a tremendous amount in his life, managed to recreate himself in a major way, and yet still – somehow – keeps his life relatively private. On top of all that, he is one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. And yes, Katie, he’s sexy as all get-out, too. *winks*

Sharon: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? Places you can be found in the near future?
Linda: I’m going to be on blog tour for the next few weeks talking about a lot of different aspects of writing and The Grigori Legacy series. If readers would like to follow along, the schedule is posted at There will be a giveaway at every stop, and at the end of the tour, all winners will be entered into a grand prize draw for a gorgeous necklace and earring set designed by Cemetery Cat and inspired by The Grigori Legacy.

You remember our Rapid Fire questions so we are going to jump right in!

Sharon: Rocking chair or porch swing?
Linda: If I say porch swing, can I have the porch to go with it?
Sharon: let me get this straight, you want Ironman and a porch?
Linda: Demanding, aren’t I?

now we all want brownies!
Katie: Gooey in the middle or chewy edges?
Linda: Gooey in the middle.
Sharon: Now I want brownies
Linda: The really fudgy ones? Oh, me too, please!
Sharon: comedy or tragedy?
Linda: Depends on my mood.

Katie: Shirtless Ninja or Shirtless Boxer?
Linda: Ninja.

Sharon: Molson or Labatt
Linda: Neither. *shudder* I’ll take wine over beer any day.

Katie: Buff arms or buff legs?
Linda: Arms.

Sharon: cotton or silk
Linda: Cotton.

Katie: Big hands or Big feet?
Linda: Um…I’m actually afraid to answer that without knowing what’s behind it!!
Katie: *looks innocent* What? It's a harmless question….
Linda: Is there such a thing with you? LOL
Sharon: Remember Katie, she has been here before, she knows you!
Katie: *looks aghast* Who me?
Sharon: Swedish massage or deep tissue?
Linda: Swedish

Katie: Catch me or Swing me?
Linda: Catch me.

Sharon: Sky diving or cliff diving?
Linda: Good heavens…neither! You know what a total wimp I am, right? Though if I make it to a hundred, I may celebrate my birthday with a skydive…at least there’s more time for the parachute to open!
Sharon: Yeah, I remembered <G> you know what they say, face your fears!

Linda: Thank you so much for inviting me to visit again, ladies. I’ve had a wonderful time, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!
Katie: Thank YOU for coming back over to chat with us. We will get to work on that date with Robert for you!
Sharon: If she gets Robert, I want OptiThorPrime!

grand prize necklace
To win a copy of Sins of the Son and be entered in the grand prize at the end of the tour:
1. Leave a way to contact you in comments
2. If you were an angel, what would your wings look like? Color? Size?
Contest over at the end of the book tour: April 26


  1. My wings would definitely be big and black with one or two white feathers just to be unique. lol

    1. sounds like you might flirt with the dark side;) great choice

    2. Ooh...I never thought of having a contrasting feather or that idea, Mary! *makes careful note* :)

  2. my wings would be of changing colors ( but always pastels) depending of my mood^^ and i guess big enought to make me fly

    thansk you for this great interview


    1. how pretty. I don't think I would want the smexy Archangel Michael to know what I am thinking when he is around ;)

    2. My daughter keeps wishing for wings, too, far no luck. ;) I love the mood-changing color idea. That would be lovely!

  3. Sins of the Son sounds great. My wings would be glossy black, medium size with bright purple near the edges.

    1. It is a great read, not only the story line but the writing as well. nice choice for wings :)

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  4. it'll be black.. and glossy.. and smooth.. and big enough to lift me.. and can change the shine color due to my mood.. :D

    1. you guys and your black wings! I admit, I would probably choose black too since I love to eat spaghetti so much. Ever try to get tomato sauce off white feathers!?

  5. My wings would be iridescent and reach only to the middle of my back. Nothing ostentatious as being an Angel would be enough! I am very excited about the next book in the series being released. I love that Linda has created a place where there are politics in Heaven and many unexpected twists and approaches to an age old story. Wow. Great interview! Both sides.

    Carol Pal

    1. check out my review of Sins of the Son, it was better than the first one and the ending!!!

    2. I can picture you with those wings, Carol...I like! :) And thank you!! :)

  6. My wings would be av size and would be with a golden hugh with a silver or white color.

    1. finally some heavenly angel wing colors . Elegant choice :)

    2. Very heavenly and elegant indeed, Cealial! :)

  7. My wings would be big and white with pink sparkles. PS I'm so glad someone else admits to loving kool-aid! Even my kids think I'm nuts :D

    1. It is the unofficial drink of Sheep everywhere :) I love your wing choice. You would look fabulous on my Christmas tree ;)

    2. Hm...if Sharon has you in mind for the treetop, Tawn, I'd be careful of what's in any koolaid she offers you! ;)

  8. I love colour, so my wings would be royal blue with black rimmed violet and silver specks on the edges. Great interview & giveaway! I loved Sins of the Angels and am already counting the days until the release of Sins of the Son. :)

    1. Those wings would be gorgeous, Mirjam! Glad you liked the interview...and thank you!!! :)

  9. Whoops, forgot to leave my e-mail! It's books_r_gr8 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. OK I have to take a different approach to the angel wings question here....I'd rather have dragon wings..they seem to have a more menacing feel and a don't mess with me/don't piss me off kinda vibe.

    1. Different approaches are definitely allowed -- and dragon wings would be WAY cool. Good choice! :)

  11. given that I am a clumsy and messy person my wings would reflect that by being scruffy and mucky. I guess they would also be medium sized, non-feathered (allergies) and very bright Orange in colour :D

    1. Hm...kind of like a fairy's wings, maybe? That might work...especially with the orange colour, I would think. :)

  12. My wings would be white with gold tips! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Rubylin53 at gmail dot com

  13. My wings would be a mix of dark blue and black. Don't know why, but it just seems badass.

    budceltic @ gmail . com

    1. Badass it is! You'd fit right into the story with those. :)

  14. What a wonderful interview. Thank you so much for the insight and giggles. Wings? wings? well I would rather they be a metaphorical tattoo on my back, can you imagine if there are dust bunnies, pet hair, and various eight legged creatures constantly creating new areas around the homestead to hide, what adding wing feathers would do let alone trying to roll over in bed at night and getting smacked with a nose tickle. However, should I have to choose, they would be big, I mean really big, white, and fluffy :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the interview! I always have such a good time with Sharon & Katie...many giggles on my part, too, believe me! And you're right about wings being in the way, I think, so we might have to make them removable somehow... *wanders off to ponder dilemma*

  15. hmm i am not sure what colors my wings would be. however, nalini singh's guild hunter series has an angel named jason who has wings that are deep black, and seem to be made of shadows. the disappear into the shadows and seem to absorb the light. i always thought his wings sounded really cool. thank you for the giveaway!
    twee66 at gmail dot com

  16. Loved your first book and looking forward to the second. As for wings, mine would be rather pale irridescent green, much like spring green leaves, as I have always experienced kinship with trees, and especially love the dappled light that comes through a grove of trees...can you see me over there, just in the shadows? Thanks for the interview. margotcrab(at)

    1. I'm so glad you liked book 1, Margot, and what a lovely idea for wings! I do my best thinking among trees, and I can just picture that. :)

  17. I'd hate for my wings to clash with my outfit, so I'll take some mediums with the ability to change the color at will. Default color- hunter green.


  18. I would have large iridescent wings
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  19. Midnight Blue with traces of violet

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  21. Wow, such great color choices! Hi Linda, ladies *waves - great interview!
    My wings would be iridescent, like an opal. The color changes depending on light and movement :D BTW...I can be reached at Don't forget to send a nice chewy brownie with those wings :D ♥

  22. That was a fun interview! Linda definitely was not caving on giving the hints. (-;

    If I had angel wings, I would have a pretty impressive height and wing span to them so they would realistically carry my weight (I always find book covers with such short wings on male angels kind of amusing- its the supernatural magic I know, but---). My wings would start out golden near the base and bleed of color until the very edge was pure blinding white.

    Thanks for the post interview and giveaway opportunity.

  23. I enjoyed the interview. If I were an angel, my wings would be black with a halo of fire around them.


  24. Great interview.If I were an angel I'd want pure white wings.But not too big,I'm small I don't want to fall over from the

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    Thanks for the giveaway! I'm international.


  26. Interesting post :) Although the cruel one...I mean all those mysteries...
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    Fun interview!

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  29. Nice contest =) I've got this series on my TBR list so I don't forget to start it. It sounds great. If I had wings which would be fantastic...I'd like shimmery sleak black ones. How sexy. Thanks for the chance to win =) Happy Easter as well since today is Easter =)

  30. Contest closed! thanks to everyone who stopped by to play with us :) I will be contacting the winner by email.