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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Criminal Macabre: Die, die, My Darling!

Criminal Macabre: Die, Die, My Darling (one-shot)
Writer: Steve Niles
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Fiona Staples
Genre: Horror, Crime, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: April 04, 2012
Format: FC, 32 pages
Price: $3.50
UPC: 7 61568 21185 6 00111

Monster hunters Cal and Mo'loch are hired by a giant stranger and his fetal sibling to make a final stand in the war between good and evil.
* A perfect introduction for new readers!

"Steve Niles has beaten up his main man, broken him down and now stands on the precipice of reinventing him with a conflict on the horizon that portends to be nothing short of epic." —Newsaramal

Cal McDonald saw his first dead body when he was eight years old—setting the tone for the rest of his life. A pill-popping, alcoholic degenerate, teamed up with his ghoul associate Mo’Lock, Cal spirals around the sin-infested streets of Los Angeles in his possessed Chevy Nova against a growing horde of monsters.
Losing one friend after another to his cases, Cal is slowly being pushed over the edge. A looming war between man and monster is coming, and Cal and his army of the undead are ready to blast every single werewolf, demon, occultist, and vampire back to hell!

I absolutely loved this comic. Our protagonist Cal is a cynical, pill-popping, foul-mouthed, alcoholic private detective who has attracted supernatural creatures that the rest of the world doesn’t even know exists since he was a kid. His partner and best friend is a very polite and dry humored Ghoul named Mo. The stories have a pulp-noir feel and the dialogue between characters is hilarious; snarky witticism at its best. Cal is like a male version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, only way more screwed-up and vulgar .

In this issue Cal has experienced a life-altering event and his ghoul friend Mo is quite pleased with the irony of it. How is that for vague <G>? Sorry, I don’t want to give any spoilers for folks. Anyway, Cal and Mo are bonding (i.e. beating each other up) when a guy with his fetal twin sister in his belly shows up. They tell Cal he needs to eliminate an evil creature to help win the oncoming war, but Cal finds that there are some lines he isn’t even willing to cross.

This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy with a dash of horror and snarky dialogue. Grab it when it comes out April 4th!

5 “What the hell?!” Sheep

SharonS. (edited by BAK)

Dark Horse Comics
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