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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sheep Interview: Jason Barret author of Saint's Sword

Recently the Sheep got the opportunity to sit down and chat with author Jason Barret. Taking on some of our favorite creatures of the night, vampires, and making waves with his debut novel Dead or a Lie. With his second book coming out we wanted to chat with the man behind the mask! Make sure to stay tuned until the very end of your chance to win an ecopy AND awesome mug made just for I Smell Sheep!

Katie: Hello Jason and thanks for stopping by to chat with us today. Can you tell folks who don't know about your vampy series a little bit?
Jason: Well they suck blood and then die~ well there’s a little more than that involved. I try to keep my vampire world free of other writer’s concepts by not reading or watching anything vampire. The last vampire show I watched was Angel and that was some time ago. My first book, Dead or a Lie, staked out a world of non-violent vampires, the Unbound, and a Sacrosanct whose blood could bring the Unbound back to the world of the living. Saint’s Sword is set in 1332 and is a take-off on a sword that played a role in the first book. There’s a lot of mystery and supernatural power surrounding the sword and that power threatens the well-being of the group, the hero, and the heroine. A major sub-plot beyond the vampire / romance main plot is the conflict between the preacher and a witch. Too many times then and now witches are villainized for no reason.
Katie: I totally agree that witches tend to get a bad wrap. It's great you're taking it in a different direction.

Katie: What were you doing before getting into writing? Or have you always dabbled in the writer’s world?
Jason: I started a book in my youth which never got very far but I think writing always been with me but I just didn’t realize it at the time. When I started a book for real I was a young parent and it literally took me 20 years to finish it. So to answer the question about what I was doing before getting into writing I guess I can say I was being a busy parent. I’m not going to list all the chores we all have as parents as I’m sure we’re all aware of what that entails but I would write whenever I could. I’d even put the book down for months at a time but it kept calling my name. Finally when my last daughter entered college I found time to write and to actually type “The End” for the first time. That book never got published but it was a great start and put me on the path to my writing goal.

Sharon: How long did it take you to write Saints Sword?
Jason: Saint’s Sword went quickly. My life in the construction industry keeps me busy during the summer months but when I finally had time in the fall of 2010 I began in December and finished it in March.

Sharon: If you could have a theme song play whenever you walked into a room, what would it be?
Jason: Faith of the Heart by Watson Russell, maybe because it took me that 20 years to finish the first book. The lyrics go like this: It's been a long road -Getting from there to here - It's been a long time - But my time is finally near - And I can feel the change in the wind right now - Nothing's in my way - And they're not gonna hold me down no more - No they're not gonna hold me down - 'Cause I've got faith of the heart

Actually I liked it before it was a Star Trek Theme ;)
Katie: But love it ALL the more for being part of ST! Woot!
Sharon: *looks around uncomfortably*, having no idea about ST*
Jason: Don’t worry, Sharon. It’s OK. Live long and prosper.

Sharon: What scenes were the most difficult for you to write? (fight, dialog, romance)
Jason: I think I’ve got romantic part down but in the romance world writing romance has a whole jargon of its own. When my critique partners, both women, read their works in progress I recognize that whole fluid motion of their words that are so indicative of the romance genre. So rather than trying to copy that style I write from a man’s point of view and I hope my romance is satisfying for my readers. If you’re asking the steamy scenes that’s the hardest. It’s been hard for me to get past that feeling that my two biggest fans (my daughters) are going to read that scene. It’s my issue not theirs because they’re grown women but when I’ve written sexy scenes I can help but hear them say, “Daddy, you wrote that?!”

Katie: Who in your opinion is the hottest vampire from television or movies?
Jason: I like Angel’s sire – Darla when she turned from evil to good.
Katie: Angel was a pretty fantastic series; I wouldn't mind a jello fight between Angel and Spike. Maybe me stuck in the middle? No sir!
Sharon: I kinda like Colin Farrell Those guys with accents always get the cute chicks!

Sharon: When vampires are killed in your book the word “free” is softly heard. Where did this idea come from and who/what says this?
Jason: I like to say it’s my own creation because I don’t remember anyone ever doing it before but in world building I can’t say for sure that someone has done something similar. The whole souled vampire thing in good vampires has been done and redone but releasing trapped souls in evil vampires is something different. Hey, souls just don’t die they live forever, right? Let’s set them free.
Sharon: I like the idea that the person’s soul is trapped inside the vampire and that it gets set free eventually. Is that person’s soul held accountable for what was done as a vampire? Would you say it is the voice of the soul that is heard?
Jason: I take it as if the souls are held captive and not responsible for what is done while the body is possessed. I think the “Free” is a pronouncement from the other side that a soul has been finally released to join them.

Katie: If you had to make out with someone from the Lore who would it be and why?
Jason: Elvira. I loved that long black hair and that push up bra!!

Sharon: What mistake(s) have you learned from in your journey to publishing?
Jason: I sometimes try to rush the editing of my book in my excitement of getting it ready to send out to publishers or agents. Consequently I think I could have sent out a better project if I was more patient.

Katie: When you sit down to write is there anything you do to get into the mood?
Jason: The hardest thing for me is to actually sit down to write. I can think of a million other things to do but when I actually get past my procrastination I can usually get into the swing of things quickly.

Sharon: What was the last movie you saw and do you sneak food into the movies?
Jason: I think we took my grandsons to the 3D movie, Monsters vs Aliens. And yes there is a dollar store right next door although they got us with the soda and popcorn.
Sharon: The Dollar store ROCKS! What is your favorite movie candy?
Jason: That’s easy it’s got to be Good and Plenty.

Katie: If your home was burning down and you only had time to grab two things what would they be and why?
Jason: My wife and the dog. All the rest is just stuff. I know it sounds corny but true.
Katie: But if you get your wife to carry the dog you could have time to grab something else…what in that case would it be?
Jason: It would be the stack of DVD’s I burned from all of our family VHS tapes I shot over the years. I wouldn’t be able to carry the two tubs of tapes but the DVD’s would be easy to grab.

Katie: How far would you like to take your series?
Jason: I’d love to keep the series running in the two time lines I have going now. There are a lot of adventures and characters waiting to have their stories told and I’d love to get them out of my head. As a matter of fact my editor has asked me to start a sequel to Saint’s Sword.
Sharon: Can you give us any hint about the sequel? Same characters? New adventure?
Jason: The next adventure would probably be Sarah’s Revenge. Sarah is introduced in Dead Or A Lie and in Saint’s Sword and it’s her turn to exact some revenge on the Vampire who turned her. Her story would be our time line and not that of Saint’s Sword. Gustav and Jessica will have the next adventure in Saint’s Sword’s timeline.

Katie: And now it's time good sir for the ever popular and worldly loved (just let me pretend ok?!) Rapid Fire Round! Just answer with the first thing that pops up!

Katie: Cotton Candy or Snickerdoodles
Jason: Snickerdoodles

Sharon: Boo Berry or Count Chocula
Jason: Count Chocula
Katie: Mm the Count is so tasty…..
Sharon: but not very sexy, not that it matters…just saying…

Katie: Cartwheels or Somersaults
Jason: Somersaults I can’t do cartwheels

Sharon: Tickle-Me-Elmo or Care Bear
Jason: Care Bare

Katie: Knife in hand or Up the sleeve
Jason: Up the sleeve

Katie: Sexy dress or Sexy heels
Jason: Sexy dress

Sharon: Little Red Riding Hood Wolf or Three Little Pigs Wolf?
Jason: Three Little Pigs Wolf (He was dumber)
Sharon: never thought of that, but you are right

Katie: Action packed or Lazy Picnic
Jason: Lazy Picnic

Katie: Coke or Pepsi
Jason: Pepsi
Katie: Oh gag!!! No, no Jason didn't say anything. Moving on!
Sharon: Oh, no you don’t! WOOT! *throws confetti* he said PEPSI!!!

Sharon: Pool or Lake
Jason: Lake

Katie: Cash Cab or Jeopardy
Jason: Cash Cab

Katie: Space the final frontier or The truth is out there
Jason: Space the Final Frontier

Katie: Thanks so much for stopping by Jason, where can folks find you in the coming months?
Jason: I’ll be blogging and have interviews on Long and Short Reviews, Lila Munro’s Realmantic Moments and other spots here and there. The best way to keep track of my contests and giveaways and new releases is to so to my website and click the update link to send me an email. Whenever something is happening I’ll send out an email to everyone on the list.


This contest is open to everyone! Two winners will be chosen at random BOTH will get a free download of Dead or a Lie but the US winner will also walk away with this cool mug! If you'd like to enter to win please make sure to list all of the following:

1. Your Email Address
2. Are you international or US
3. As Jason stated above, his vampires whisper "free" right before they die. What would be something else a creature of the night might say?

Double entries if you follow the blog! Contest ends March 18th at midnight. Good luck!


  1. hahahahaha, i never thought to compare the wolf from the three little pigs and red ridding hood. but since you mentioned it, it got me thinking and you're right.

    what would they say? depends.. if they like being a night creature, they'd probably cussing out loud :))

    International follower

  2. Once again my friends you have provided a real treat of an interview. I appreciate Jason's taking the time and sharing with us today. This is a new series to me and I look forward to looking it up. Now on to the serious stuff since I am in just that kinda mood - I think they should say "Ha,I'm outa here baby" of course Free is much more soulful and meaningful, but death can be so dreary lets liven it up a bit Thank you for the fun and awesome giveaway opportunity. I am a follower, yep always lurking around the corners hee hee, and I live in the US and really needs to read this book and a new coffee mug!!!


  3. Thanks, Lisa lisapeters at yahoo dot com Cussing I agree with Sienny...unless of course they had lived long enough and were ready to go then maybe something like ...Thank You...Lisa

  4. hey jason,
    great interview. i love how your book seems to have so many interwoven storylines. also making your own vampire "rules' sounds like fun.
    as for what the vampire souls might say upon release, "first stop, mexico beach..." (just becausae vitamin d is so important. ;)
    norasnowdon @

  5. Great interview, really enjoyed it. Perfect theme song for a writer! I don't know if the vamp would say anything -- but maybe issue a long sigh of relief.


  6. Great interview. I think I would also say thanks. Your books sound great.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. Hi thanks for reading the interview. I love the comments and the trend toward something a little more timely. Maybe I should start a 1960's time line where they could say, "Wow man that was bogus bad trip. I'm outta here! Peace." Also that big bad wolf in the three pigs was't scarry at all. I'll bet they can't write a big screen film about that. Though Once Upon A Time or Grimm might still tackle it!!

  8. I do love some vampires. Unlike Katie I don't need a smutty scene every 10 pages (love you Katie!) this sounds like a good story and really enjoy the idea of "free" and poof the soul is released. Thanks for sharing today, I will be sure to check this author out.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate it.

  9. I love the premis of both books, I've been looking for a "new" vampire story to read.

    Thanks so much for the interview it was fun

    1. Hi Danielle. Thanks. I hope the world I built works for you and other readers as well. Yes the interview was fun. Sharron and Katie really know what they're doing.

  10. Thanks again Jason for chatting with us! So jealous of whoever wins that mug. *makes evil eyes at everyone*

  11. Thank you for the giveaway...I would love to enter! "Free" is quite a statement for last words...hard to beat that. I would probably say, "Damn..thank you!"...I don't is why you are the!! Thanks again!

    U.S. follower
    kjzjs55 at aol dot com

  12. Great interview!
    They might say "revenge".


    1. I follow the blog.

      Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Wonderful...insightful interview, Jason. You have me looking forward to reading Sarah's Revenge as well as Saints Sword. My nephew showed me his sword collection and I thought of your book as I was admiring them. Very heavy, beautifully decorated...I'm sure at least one of them was used to "free" a vampire soul.
    Best of luck with this book. I'm sure it is every bit as enthralling as Dead or a Lie, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. Hi Alee, Thanks for stopping by. I'm anxiously awaiting the publication of your new book Men in Tee's! It's really going to be a big hit. I really loved Thistle Dew. What's your website address? I remember now:

  14. Since vampires are mysterious creatures I imagine they would whisper something equally mysterious and riddle-like. Maybe "Death awaits for those who seek it."

    GFC follower

  15. contest ended! Winner will be contacted and announced once they get back with me :) thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented.