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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sheep Movie Review: 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Dave Franco and Brie Larson. This is what pure comedy entertainment is all about! I LOVED this film from beginning to end.

In the action-comedy 21 Jump Street, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are more than ready to leave their adolescent problems behind. Joining the police force and the secret Jump Street unit, they use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. As they trade in their guns and badges for backpacks, Schmidt and Jenko risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring. But they find that high school is nothing like they left it just a few years earlier - and neither expects that they will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind.

First off this is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a very long time. It is well written and the jokes are so expertly delivered that I rode the Jump Street wave with gusto and glory as I got swept up in the seas of raunchy humor and outrageous laughs. It's rated R for a very good reason so those with teenage kids should use some good judgement before allowing the under 18 crowd to sit through this. Graphic images and drug use also abound.

Now on to the review! We start out with Jonah and Channing in high school back in 2005, one a typical jock and the other a typical nerd and what totaly different lives they lead. But after joining the police academy these two decide to team up for their mutual benefit and both excel at the academy. Through the course of the film you witness as the two forge a male bond that's truly heartfelt and hysterical at times. I do love a movie that can portray the many levels of complex friendship men have and this one does it extremely well.

Our duo joins up with a small group of undercover cops who are forced back into High School. The team quickly learns that while six years may not have seemed so far away, today's youth has made many changes. The once popular jock is now the loser and the dorky kid is now hanging with the "in" crowd, and with the tables turned the two have to take on new roles in order to stop a new teen drug that's killing people at an alarming rate. The jock and the nerds unite which only adds to the overall banter of the film. Channing surprised me with his acting ability and certainly moved up a notch in my own personal book.

Wonderfully acted by our main leads and supported by an equal secondary cast including James Franco's little brother Dave. You get a few cameo appearances from the alumni of the original 21 Jump Street cast but I wont say who or when you see them appear. But I will say I was shocked by one and totally did NOT see it coming! The film never forces the comedy but lets it take the natural progression and realism that only a truly classic tale can achieve. Mixed in with some action and suspense the film delivers audiences the full spectrum of emotion and more. You will laugh often and hard for sure, I walked away completely fulfilled and wonderfully satisfied.

A must see for folks that enjoy a well written comedy that has its emotional moments yet never takes itself too seriously. Going back to high school has never been this much fun!

Getting 4 and 1/2 'Bakugan card playing' Sheep


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  2. I hadn't even heard of this movie! One of my favorite things about the I Smell Sheep blog is the incredible variety of things you bring to my attention --- books and films and fun stuff I would not have heard of otherwise. THANKS for the review and I'll be sure to look this one up! (PS - I was trying to edit the comment I made earlier, but ended up deleting it!)

    1. Really, I haven't laughed this hard in a movie for at least a year. On top of that it's very well made and acted perfectly. All the things you could want in an adult film and more! Go see it and let me know what you think. xoxo :)

  3. how fun! The last movie that made me LOL for real was "The Other Guys" would love to see this one!

    1. It's just as funny if not more! Really I could see this movie again and own the thing too! :)

  4. Hill and Tatum are great together here and add a lot to this film’s comedy but it’s just the way it is all written that makes it even richer. It’s making fun of those high school comedy conventions but at the same time, is inventing it’s own as it goes on. Great review. Give mine a look when you can.