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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Creepy #8

By: Jeff Parker, Doug Moench, Rick Geary, Colleen Coover, Kelly Jones, Richard Corben
Type: Comics
Genres: Classic, Horror
Publisher: Dark Horse
Pub. Date: April 04, 2012
Details: Full color, 48 pages

Uncle Creepy has unearthed another malicious mag's worth of terror! Waiting in these pages are brand-new stories from Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts, Hulk), Colleen Coover (X-Men: First Class), Rick Geary (A Treasury of Victorian Murder), Doug Moench (Batman), and Kelly Jones (Criminal Macabre) all wrapped up in a cover from horror master Richard Corben (Hellboy, classic Creepy and Eerie)!
* Cover by Richard Corben!
* Featuring a classic reprint from Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson!

This was my first time reading an issue of Creepy and I really enjoyed the variety of stories and art work. Uncle Creepy is our host and he introduces us to five old school horror stories, but Jenifer was by far my favorite with a great “ew!” factor. The weakest of the bunch was the two-page Loathsome Lore, but it wasn’t really a story, more of a listing of rock musicians and what gave them their famous horror reputation. Overall an entertaining assortment of horror candy.

Nineteen - Jeff Parker, Colleen Coover
A man learns his new-found salvation from guilt is actually anything but… I liked the broad stroke artwork and minimal details.

The Lurking Fate That Came to Lovercraft Part 1- Doug Moench, and Kelly Jones
There is a thin line between genius and madness and you are better off keeping that to yourself. The artwork was a little busy, but set the mood well.

The Mausoleum- Rick Geary
Sad tale of why the living and dead shouldn’t fall in love. The artwork is very crisp and clean like Sunday comics.

Loathsome Lore- Dan Braun and Kyle Baker
This was just panels of famous musicians with a description of why they are considered horror rock. The artwork is messy looking.

Jenifer - Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson
No good deed goes unpunished; watch the cycle of horror as a hideous creature moves from one poor soul to the next. The artwork is a mix of detailed drawings for the normal things in the story and a heavily shaded style for the horror scenes giving it a fantastic overall creep factor.

4 Creepy Sheep

SharonS (edited by BAK)

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