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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sheep Interview: 'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus

By: Katie Dalton
Founder & Head Writer

Image Expo 2012 hosted a variety of comic venders, various publishers, artists and actors. With full media access I was able to get a one on one interview with actor Norman Reedus who's currently playing Daryl Dixon on AMC's The Walking Dead. Norman's been acting for some time with previous roles in the films: Boondock Saints I & II, Blade II, Pandorum, Mimic and Deuces Wild just to name a few.

Our interview (and possibly one of the funnest days of my life) is transcribed below, enjoy!

Katie: Hi, I'm Katie it's nice to meet you.
Norman: Hi, babe, how are you? Nice to meet you.
Katie: I'm from I Smell Sheep (points to my shirt like a moron that clearly says "I Smell Sheep") that's me.
Norman: *chuckles* I Smell Sheep, what is that?
Katie: We're a website that reviews books, movies, comics you name it. (hands some swag to Norman) That's for you.
Norman: Right on. Thank you, that's so sweet.

Katie: So your character Daryl, who's awesome by the way, what kind of training did you do for the weapons you use?
Norman: I practice. They show you how to use the crossbow, like loaded and all that stuff. But it's pretty self-explanatory. You load it and it automatically goes into safety. But they don't let you shoot real arrows on the set. So you dry fire and they digitally add the arrows in 'cause you can't have a loaded crossbow swinging around the people. So they teach you how to use it and whatnot. But I've done about 40 films where I kill people so I'm well-versed in weapons at this point.
Katie: Yeah.

Katie: What can we look forward to with your character? And more importantly I need to know are you going to kill Shane, because somebody needs to kill Shane. He needs to die.
Norman: Everybody wants to kill Shane!
Katie: Shane's a loose cannon.
Norman: Yeah, Shane is a loose cannon but that's how well John's [Bernthal] playing the part ya know? You hate him.
Katie: Yes. I fear if I were to meet him I would literally hate the actor.
Norman: John's the nicest guy ever. He's such a pussycat. And what's going to happen with Shane? Well I can't tell you if Shane gets killed because my boss is right around the cover over there. [Robert] Kirkman. But my character is sort of pulling away from the group right now because after Sophia [played by Madison Lintz] it meant a lot for Daryl to find Sophia. He was an abused kind, left behind and I think by finding Sophia it kind of cleared out some of the demons in his closet so to speak. Now he's pulling away. The thing with Daryl is he doesn't really need these people so he's watching them have interaction for the first time. So that's his struggle right now with the whole Sophia thing. But he'll come around.

Katie: This latest episode [Episode 10 "18 Miles Out"] I did not like how your character was coming after Sophia's Mom, that was harsh. So I hope he comes back around because if there was an Apocalypse I want to be on your team! You're my Apocalypse Dream Boat.
Norman: Ah! You're so sweet.
Katie: Well that's what me and my girl friend (Jeni!) call you.
Norman: I love it.
Katie: The character! Well, and you too. Sure!
Norman: *laughs* You're sweet. But the thing with Carol and Daryl is they are both very damaged people so they gravitate towards each other. I don't know if we're going to have a love affair or anything but he comes back around.
Katie: The chemistry between these two characters feels like there could be something and they're both damaged so there could be…
Norman: I got lucky because there were so many scenes with Melissa [McBride] in the beginning of this season and last season. It's nice to act with her, she's just so open. A great actress.

Norman: So where did you get this Sheep stuff from? (Norman points at my shirt) Why Sheep?
Katie: Well…[Response redacted]

***A couple minutes later***

Katie: So, back on the record. What can we look forward to in the coming season?
Norman: Well, the rest of the season is all fireworks. We did a lot of talking in the beginning of this season to set up story-lines because you have to since its television. But from here on out it's just kill, kill and massacre after massacre and blood bullets and zombies. It's all big fireworks from here on out. It doesn't slow down at all.
Katie: When this current season took the break after the barn scene, it was very emotional.
Norman: Just wait.

A big thanks to Image Expo and Norman himself for taking the time to chat with me. An absolute gentlemen and all around down to earth guy. It's not too late to check out The Walking Dead, with so much more to offer then just zombies eating folks.


  1. Great interview!
    I'm so jealous! Daryl is my favorite character from TWD.

    1. McPig he's literally one of the nicest AND cutest actors you'll ever meet in person. Love him in the show and Blade of course (go vamps!) just an all around nice guy. :)

  2. Awesome! This show is full of action and suspense, best drama on tv!! I love it. Keep it up Norman :D

    1. And that's why I love it! All the drama and twists and turns...amazing!

  3. Nice work Katie! How fun that must have been!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I stumbled my way through it of course but so worth it. Loved every second I had to chat with the man candy Norman. ;)

  4. great interview Katie!!!! though i'm not sure what is "18 miles out", i'm sure it's great (my lack of knowledge regarding movie and television series is showing huh?)

    i'm curious 'bout the redacted part.. why sheep? tell me.. please? pretty, pretty please?

    1. sienny, "10 Miles Out" reefers to the episode title we were talking about. Each one gets a title.

      I can't tell anyone about the Sheep thing. It's a secret between me and my brother but I think Norman was getting close with his off the record guess. He of all people might actually figure it out, clever guy that he is.

    2. How did you get to meet him? I so wanna meet norman reedus LOL

  5. Love the interview - nice job! You must have had a blast at this event. Very kind of Norman to be interviewed on behalf of the Sheep - we all appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Dani! I try but my lack of professionalism shows when I want to just start gabbing about anything and everything thus getting WAY off track. hahaha

      Good thing I didn't ask him to take his shirt off right! ;) (next time!)

  6. Awesome interview! Can't believe you got to do that, coolest ever. I LOVE NORMAN REEDUS!!!

    1. Me too! Boondock Saints, I mean come on the guys a total legend. Thanks for showing some love

  7. I'm full of jealousy and envy and zombie survivor love and and and and..... Great interview!!! Gah!!!! You are so lucky!!!! He's my apocalypse dream boat too! Although I don't think I've ever said dreamboat...


  8. Wonderful interview! I think Norman Reedus is an excellent actor - I know I go from really liking him to wanting to stake him on almost a weekly basis on the show and that my friend is craftsmanship :) It sounds like you had an awesome time and I thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Great interview! I've never been to any expo or convention but sounds like fun, and I would go just to see Norman Reedus in person. I love that the Daryl character is such a bad ass! I also hope the writers don't develop a love relation between him and Carol, that would be boring! But Katy I would also like to know why your blog is called ismellsheep?

    1. heehee, what story are you going to give this time katie? ;)

  10. what an awesome interview. He is like one of my favorite characters in the show. So envious that you got to meet him person and he is such a hilarious guy. Thanks for bringing this interview.

  11. I'm so jealous I love Norman! Her and great interview!