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Thursday, June 7, 2012

PhoenixComicon 2012- Pictures

Phoenix Comicon 2012 was the hottest thing going on and I Smell Sheep was happy to be there taking part in anything and everything that we could. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures below!

Hey! No eating Baaart!

Yes, please.

Sexy warriors taking such nice care of Baaart.

We fought hard that day. Well, she did. I just watched.

Wonder Woman has a sidekick!

His Tron suit was glowing.

D.O.Z.D [Department Of Zombie Defense] Bustin caps and takin Zombie heads!

She's just cute.

Hanging with the ParaNorman gang which hits theaters August 2012! (Can you see Baaart?)

Don't shoot!

She was a pretty dead ringer for Rouge.

My fantasy come to life!


  1. lol! Baaart is so lucky to get photo ops with all these people. I would have loved to have gotten my pic with the DOZD

  2. Thanks everybody! We both had a blast that whole weekend :)

  3. What an awesome pics, you sure had fun!

  4. ha ha! the kilt wearing storm trooper is awesome! and it looks like Baaart had a lot of fun! Great pics! :D Thanks for sharing!