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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alpha Male Diner: Guest Cook Laura Kaye + give away

Welcome back to the Alpha Male Diner. I knew you would be back because we are serving up more of the hottest dishes around. Laura Kaye stopped by to share recipes for two of her Alpha heroes. Go ahead and put on a bib cause you are gonna need it!

Marco Vieri (Prior Army Special Forces)
Recipe created by Laura Kaye
Her Forbidden Hero
2 bright blue eyes
1 head of silky dark brown hair
1 dimple
1 damaged left arm
3 war-borne scars
4 cups of full-blooded warrior
2 cups of red-hot longing
1 cup of tortured self-loathing
½ cup of protector (use a full cup when you’re in the mood for full-out alpha)
2 pinches of loyalty
1 pinch of smart ass

Combine slowly as contents are under pressure and subject to eruption without warning. Put on a slow burn for as long as you can possibly stand, than enjoy hot and hard on a surface of your choice.
Caution: Beware of burning your tongue. He's smokin' hot.
Makes: one unforgettable male

Nikolai Vasilyev (Vampire)
Recipe created by Laura Kaye
Seduced by the Vampire King (Vampire Warrior Kings #2)
2 sapphire eyes
1 head of long, blond hair
1 pair of razor-sharp fangs
1 pair of skilled hands
5 drops of food coloring to achieve a hard-body-full of tattoos
3 cups of royal blood
2 cups of immortal warrior
Equal parts tortured self-loathing and grief (you can’t add too much)
1 cup of possessiveness
1 pinch of smart ass
2 pinches each of hunger and need

Pour evenly into a 6’5” pan and bake as hot as you can stand it. Enjoy with your hands, tongue and teeth—he won’t mind one bit if you take a bite—as long as you let him take one in return.
Makes: one unforgettable vampire warrior king

Hungry yet?

Her Forbidden Hero Blurb and Excerpt:
She's always been off-limits...

Former Army Special Forces Sgt. Marco Vieri has never thought of Alyssa Scott as more than his best friend's little sister, but her return home changes that...and challenges him to keep his war-borne demons at bay. Marco's not the same person he was back when he protected Alyssa from her abusive father, and he's not about to let her see the mess he's become.

...but now she's all grown up.

When Alyssa takes a job at the bar where Marco works, her carefree smiles wreak havoc on his resolve to bury his feelings. How can he protect her when he can't stop thinking about her in his bed? But Alyssa's not looking for protection--not anymore. Now that she's back in his life, she's determined to heal her forbidden hero, one touch at a time...
Warm arms came around Marco’s stomach as Alyssa embraced him from behind. Her head settled between his shoulder blades and, without telling his hand to move, he found himself clutching her hands to his chest.

He gave in to the comfort of her touch and absorbed everything he could from her. The magic of her music still swirled in the air, and in his mind’s eye, he saw himself turning in her arms, bending down, clutching her face in his hands, and drawing their mouths together. He’d walk her backward through the house as their hands tugged at shirts and bared skin. They’d end up on the bed and she’d be all splayed out, warm and his for the taking.

Alyssa nuzzled into his back and pressed a kiss against his shoulder.

He sucked in a breath, his erection punching against the fly of his jeans again. But it wouldn’t just be sex. Not with her. The ache in his chest and the constriction in his throat, that was about the part of him that wanted to comfort her and be comforted in return, that wanted companionship and a place to belong. It would be about lo—

He shook his head, clamping down on the tail end of that thought. Without question, Alyssa would give him everything he wanted and more, but what he wanted was just a bunch of fantasy bullshit for someone like him.

It killed him to do so, but he twisted free of her arms and forced himself to face her. Frustration and regret weighed on his shoulders like an anvil. “This”—he waved his finger back and forth between them and swallowed down a river of sadness—“this right here. This can’t happen.”

Alyssa’s expression morphed from surprise into hurt, and the tinge of pink on her cheeks revealed a healthy dose of embarrassment mixed in.

Wasn’t that the sour cherry on his shit sundae? Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do, but better to hurt her a little now than a lot later.

Seduced by the Vampire King Blurb and Excerpt:
American exchange student Kate Bordessa has fled to Russia to escape her family's hopes that she'll become one of the Proffered, human women who feed and mate with elite vampire warriors. But when she stumbles upon a wounded vampire in the streets of Moscow, she's instinctively driven to protect him--and feels an undeniable spark of desire.

Grieving over the deaths of his brothers, Vampire Warrior King Nikolai Vasilyev has thrown himself into battling his enemies, focused only on vengeance. Until the attack that brought him to Kate. Their sexual attraction explodes into a night of uncontrolled passion--a night that marks them as mates. Is their connection strong enough to convince them to embrace a destiny neither of them was expecting?
He pushed through the door and called her name again. Two things struck him simultaneously: soft splashes of water from the direction of the open bathroom door and a stack of clothes on her bed.

Inside the room, her sweet-blooded scent infused the air and reawakened his cock, reminding him of his unsated arousal from before. Each breath pulled more of her into him, until he ached to penetrate her in return, in any way she’d allow. In every way she’d allow. Prickles on the skin of his right palm made him fist his hand.

His breath coming faster, shallower, Nikolai stepped over her discarded clothing to the bed and quickly flipped through the pile of fabric—robe, T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants. All Mikhail’s.

An image flashed into his mind. Katherine, wearing Mikhail’s shirt and sweatpants, so big on her she had to roll them at the waist and ankles. Katherine, wearing Mikhail’s clothes.

Another. Male’s. Clothes.

Nearly blind with a possessiveness he had no right to feel, Nikolai grabbed all the clothes and stalked out of the room. Bursting through the door to his apartment, he chucked everything in the general direction of the nearest trash can. He whipped his robe off the back of his closet door and ripped a few articles of clothing from a drawer. He wasn’t even aware he’d returned to the guest room until her scent invaded his brain.

Nikolai glanced up, and found himself looking into Katherine’s startled pale blue eyes.

About Laura Kaye:
Voted Breakout Author of the Year in the 2011 GraveTells Readers’ Choice Awards, Laura is the bestselling and award-winning author of over a half-dozen books in paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance. Hearts in Darkness is the EPIC eBook Award Winner for Best Novella and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit Winner for Best Romance Novella, Forever Freed is the NJRW Golden Leaf Winner for Best Paranormal of 2011 and is a finalist for two GDRWA Booksellers’ Best Awards, and North of Need, the first book in the Hearts of the Anemoi series, is a finalist for a FF&P PRISM award, was named GraveTells’ Best Book of 2011 and won their 5-STAR Gold Heart Award, and won Sizzling Hot Read of the Year at Sizzling Hot Books. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

***Give Away***
Laura is giving away an e-copy of Her Forbidden Hero to one winner and Seduced By the Vampire King to a second winner.

To enter:
1. fill out rafflecopter
2. Tell us how you like your Alpha cooked: rare, medium or well-done.

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  5. I gotta jump in here and give my opinion! I want him well done with a little crunch on the outside (cause he has been working out) and raw emotion on the inside! I like mine wrapped in leather sometimes too ;) Both these guys sound good enough to eat...or wait..they ARE! heehee so many puns and innuendos can be made with this feature...*happy sigh*

    1. welcome to the wonderful world of Chicago style Sharon.. lol

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      Sharon - I love your order! And I think this feature is totally genius!

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    LOVE this post!
    Fabulous excerpts and they only make me want to read them NOW. ;)
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Woot! Love to hear that! :D Rare, coming right up! LOL

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    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

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  24. Her Forbidden Hero is a heart-warming, stand alone romance that I highly recommend to all romance readers. The story is excellent, and it goes by quickly because you won't want to put it down. I have seen that Her Forbidden Hero has been getting plenty of positive feedback, and that feedback is very well deserved. Congratulations and thank you to Laura Kaye for writing yet another fantastic book.

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