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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sheep Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith's screenplay of his novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a very fun historical fictionish romp through the life of our beloved 16th president. Director Timur Bekmambetov does a really good job of bringing the piece to life.

Let's get the obvious out of the way. If you're going to see this movie, it's with the understanding that you're not about to watch some period drama. You're there to witness Abraham Lincoln... the dude in the top hat... kick vampire ass... and bear witness you shall for this movie delivers some serious Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon wickedness with the cinematography of 300.
You can break the plot down to a pretty standard Dark Knight tale of kid grows up to avenge the death of a parent. The twist here is, the target of vengeance is a vampire! Naturally, the first attempt is bungled and Abe ends up with a bitter, washed out, former slayer. A cool training montage later, hatchet wielding Honest Abe is off to kick butt, take names, and destroy undead.

Unlike say, Inglorious Bastards, the writer doesn't go out of his way to break with history. To us, the very casual historian, we're not privy to the exact number of children the Lincolns had... or the exact whereabouts of Harriet Tubman... or the night train schedules between Washington and Gettysburg... but we do tend to remember bits like Pickett's Charge... Why'd Robert E. Lee order such a crazy attack? You'll find out in the film!

I'm going to give this film 4 campy, vampire slaying sheep!

~Richard Lee


  1. Glad to see the movie get 4 sheep. I'm currently enjoying the book and had my fingers crossed that the film would be worth the watch. Thanks for the review!

  2. Going to see it later this week. Thanks for the review.

  3. 4 sheep! Hellz yes! I'm going to see this over the weekend :)

  4. Rubbing hands together in anticipation - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Vampires, top hats, action, chocolate, and popcorn what more could a girl ask for?

  5. This one could have definitely been a lot more ridiculous and insane, like the premise seemed like it promised, but I still had fun with it. Surprised this actually did well at all at the box office. Totally thought that people weren't all that interested in the idea of Honest Abe, hacking up vamps, but I guess there is a big enough crowd out there for this. Good review Richard.