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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Sadocat by Plotless Comics

Plotless Comics
Written and Illustrated by: Cory Patten.

SadoCat Bio:
(Pronounced “SAY-doh-cat”, as in “sadistic cat”). He may not be much more sadistic than a typical cat, as he, like other cats, enjoys playing with his prey. Unlike other cats he is enhanced with eye beams, hyper-extending claws, the ability to fly and shoot flames from his paws, and to laugh about it. You really don’t want to piss him off (but he is a cat after all, so good luck with that).

Flatline Frog Bio:
A frog that was dissected, then electrically shocked back to life. He now sports a nifty dissection scar on his belly, can fly, and neutralizes evildoers with his electric tongue. Occasionally a sidekick to Sadocat.

Sadocat is a dark and twisted comic for folks that enjoy the darker side of humor. I for one am on that list! He's not a hero in the typical sense but he's wild and crazy nonetheless. This is a great example of when superpowers go wrong...or right depending how you look at it.

Littered with over the top humor and antics that will keep you turing the pages Sadocat is a fun and wild ride that left me wanting more! Favorite line from this edition:

"Am I a Superhero?"
"You must be-you have powers and you're fighting the cops!"

That right there just says it all. Make sure to check these guys out at Plotless Comics!

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