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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Witchblade #157

Witchblade #157 (ARC)

On Sale: June 27,2012
Story by: Tim Seeley

Art By: Diego Bernard & Fred Benes
Cover By: John Tyler Christopher
Variant Cover by: Diego Bernard & Fred Benes
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: MAR120525

"PORTALS," Part One
Even as she struggles to make ends meet as a PI, Sara Pezzini can'thelp but be drawn into the corrupt supernatural underbelly of Chicago. Herdiscovery of mystical portals around the city will lead her to a realm unlikeanything she's experienced before and bring her face-to-face with a formerbearer of the Witchblade!
Sara has started to adjust to living in Chicago, along with dealing with supernatural things. I don’t think portals were one of those things Sara was ready for. Sara takes it upon herself to track down these portals; during her search she comes across what she thought was a“standard mugging”, instead Sara is seeing two orc like beings threatening some guy, that oddly knows who Sara is, but Sara doesn't know who the guy is.
One of the orcs calls Sara a “metalmancer” and tried to attack her. Sara has a great line at this part, which gives you an idea of what kind of world these guys come from,“Yeah I don’t play Warcraft.” Sara wants to find out more about why there are orcs in Chicago, once going through the portal Sara cannot believe her eyes. She has walked into a world that looks like a steampunk World of Warcraft. Sara has never been here before, but oddly enough the witchblade itself has. Sara is confronted by two police officers, who tell her that she is inviolation of Beliesan Law. Sara asks to see the sheriff, shortly after her request she is brought to Sheriff Godliffe. When Godliffe sees this female, her reaction is nothing short of shock. In her drunken state, sheriff Godliffe yells at her officers that she will deal with this woman herself, after getting Sara alone the sheriff asks if “this bearer has a name.” This means she knows about the witchblade. Sara gives her name, and in return the Sheriff tells Sara that her name is Katarina.
Katarina informs Sara that the witchblade rejected her at one point, and after that incident Katarina has been living in Faerie. The people of Faerie made her sheriff since she saved their lives in the past. Sara asks Katarina for her help; Sara tells Katarina that someone from the human world was brought to Faerie against their will. Sara puts the pieces together that she was placed in a fantasy world, with a century old witchblade bearer, and in the middle of a possible assassination plot.
To me this is a major leap from the “original” stories that Sara has been put through, granted being the bearer of the witchblade, nothingis really normal anymore. I am looking forward to what happens to Sara in the Portals story line.

4.5 Sheep

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  1. Ooo I used to love this tv series! Mmm I feel a need to re-watch it sneaking up ...