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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comic Review: The Walking Dead #99-Something to Fear part 3

The Walking Dead #99-
Something to Fear part 3
Story by:Robert Kirkman
On Sale: June 20,2012
Genres:Horror, Zombies

The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month's monumental issue 100!

Previously in The Walking Dead #98, Abraham was murdered in cold blood by Negan's Saviors during a supply run with Eugene. There was a tense standoff at the Community gates, and the Saviors ultimately retreated. Rick had no immediate plan of action following the standoff.

Over the course of the "Something to Fear" arc the tension has been building between the Saviors and the Community and we've yet to see the puppet master behind the Saviors. Judging by the motley crew that makes up the Saviors I can only imagine how delightful Negan shall be. Book #99 is more tension building than anything, I'm sure Kirkman and crew are building the suspense so by the time we get to #100 (The big 100! Woo!) it's just going to snap and rain down some crazy delicious drama and gore (fingers crossed at least).

I for one am excited to see what unfolds because at the end of #99 we find Rick and some of the Community leaving the safety of their compound while the nasty Saviors are hidden watching and waiting for dawn to attack. Will Rick and crew make it back in time before the attack? Will Carl finally get to take off that damn head bandage? Rick and Andrea!? Will we finally get to see this baddie Negan we've been constantly hearing about? Questions, questions- tensions are building and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for something big and bloody!

There was minimal zombie killing going on in #99, but this friendly game of baseball made for Zombie Kill of the Week (care for an eyeball with that?).

R.I.P. Abraham Ford, you and your glorious 'stache will be missed.
3.5 Sheep

Guest review by: Bunni Darling

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  1. Why did that one amazon image end up so far from the others? *shakes fist at amazon*

    Nice review Bunni, as always, your wit and humor in these posts make reading them a blast. I'm looking forward to our show and seeing how close it sticks to these comics. :)