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Saturday, June 2, 2012

PhoenixComicon 2012-R2D2 Builders Panel

[Baaart loved his ride on R2!]

I Smell Sheep recently attended PhoenixComicon 2012 in Arizona. We sat in on a few different panels over that weekend and one of those was the R2D2 Builders Club talk that gave folks the knowledge needed to take on this project.

Little did I know just how involved it would be! But if you've got a year to dedicate to this project and roughly $3,000 to spend on parts and mechanics then you'll be happy to hear all about the guys and gals out there bringing R2 to the public!

With aluminum being the most common used for the body of R2 I also learned that wood can make a great substitute for those on a budget. Like myself. On their website you can find many links to suppliers and photos of other builders who made this lovable robot come to life. It's really a fascinating club with many events going on around not only the US but globally as well. There to support each other and offer any assistance needed.

Make sure to check out the R2D2 Builders Club HERE.

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