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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheep Interview: Jess Haines + Give Away

check out Jess's theme music!
Today we have Jess Haines. She writes one of my favorite urban fantasy series - H&W Investigations. Book 4, Stalking the Others, comes out July 3 and it was worth the wait! Full of action, killing and smut romance. My review of Stalking the Others will be posting very soon.
Sharon: Welcome to the Flock Jess…grab a moon pie, some Kool-Aid and a chocolate sheep! I read the FAQ on your website and you pretty much answer every possible personal and professional question so we are going to have to get creative with you…yeah, we just might go “there”.

Sharon: So which part of the chocolate sheep did you bite off first?
Katie: She seems like she would go right for the head first! Just my take on her. *winks*
Jess: Ha! Katie knows me too well. *g* I would definitely go for the head first.

Sharon: For the readers who haven’t been on our Earth very long and don’t know about your incredibly fun Urban Fantasy series, H & W Investigations, would you please tell them a little about it?
Jess: Absolutely. The series is about Shiarra Waynest, a private detective who keeps getting dragged into supernatural messes. Most urban fantasy novels center around a protagonist who has special powers. Sookie Stackhouse can read minds, Harry Dresden and Rachel Morgan can cast spells, Anita Blake can raise the dead (and bring all the boys to the yard with her magic hoo-ha), etc.

Shiarra is a vanilla human playing with the big boys in the supernatural community. In that way, she’s my “special snowflake”. She has a couple of magic items to help her out, but for the most part, she has to rely on her wits—what few she has—and her friends to help her out.

Katie: There's a saying that goes something like "walks quietly but carries a big stick" if you could carry ANY weapon, stick or whatnot, what would it be?
Jess: I would carry a sword. I already own several. *g*
Sharon: Have you studied sword fighting?
Jess: Yup. I’m still very much a novice, but I was briefly in the SCA. Plus, I think I have memorized every move from the sword fighting scene in Princess Bride.

Sharon: It is kind of hard to ask questions about the latest book Stalking the Others without spoiling things for people who haven’t read the series or this book…hmmm, let’s just say Shiarra finally gets some! Did you have this “event” planned out since the beginning of the series or did you recently decide this “event” would happen with person X?
Jess: I've known for a while it was going to happen. I was going to wait until the very end of the series, but I figured four books is long enough for everyone involved to go without. (As a side note, you would be shocked—shocked—at how many fan letters I got begging for me to write a sex scene. And I've cherished every one.)
Sharon: You done good with it too ;)
Jess: Why, thank you! You have no idea how many shades of red I turned while writing it, lol.

Katie: I've read that you mentioned being a "workaholic" when do find time to rest and if you could go on a vacation right now today where would it be?
Jess: My schedule has been pretty wacky for a while. If you knew what it was less than a year ago, you’d probably be surprised I managed to do things like grocery shopping and laundry, let alone write books.

Nowadays, resting usually comes on the weekends. That’s when I catch up and take a breather.

If I could take a vacation anywhere in the world, I’d visit Ireland or Scotland. Both places fascinate me, and I would love to explore the castles and lochs! Maybe shoot for a Nessie sighting, too.

Sharon: I love the clever titles you have. They give a clue as to what is going to happen. Do you come up with the titles and how far ahead do you have them planned out? I know the next book is Forsaken By Others and I am dying to know why <G>.
Jess: Aw, thank you! Well I do come up with the titles, the ones you see on the book covers aren’t always the first one I picked. For example, HUNTED BY THE OTHERS was originally DEALING WITH THE OTHERS. Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

As for FORSAKEN, well, let’s just say that Shia’s burned a few bridges in STALKING THE OTHERS, and the consequences of her actions are about to catch up with her…

Katie: If you walked into a bar and saw two vamps a shapeshifter and fae could you come up with a joke on the fly?
Jess: Oh, lord. Okay, I came up with a little something—though you may or may not find this as funny as I did at 1AM:

Two vampires, a werewolf, and a fae walk into a bar. One vamp turns to the other and says, “I like your hunting dog.” The shapeshifter looks annoyed, but makes no comment.

The other vamp, in an attempt to return the polite compliment, looks at the fae who was trailing behind them. He frowns, noting the guyliner, eye shadow, and tight clothing, then says, “Your progeny knows we aren’t supposed to glitter like that, right? That whole thing about sparkling is a myth.”

The first vamp says, “Don’t know. It’s not mine. I thought it was yours.”

The two vamps turn to the fae. With a hand on his hip, he gives them both an arch look. “What? I’m just fabulous, bitches. Deal with it.”
Sharon: BWAHAHAHA..Ha…ha…I liked it.

Katie: NICE!!! *High fives Jess* Jess: Hehe! I try, I try…

Sharon: How many books can we look forward to in this series?
Jess: Right now, I’m contracted through six books. I've got ideas for more, but we’ll see what happens once I turn that last book in.

Sharon: Why are you so mean to Shiarra?
Katie: Hey now! Let's not judge I'm sure she has her reasons.
Jess: Poor Shia. I really do give her a hard time, don’t I? Sadly, my stories about her wouldn't be nearly so entertaining if I didn't make her life miserable.
C’mon, you have to admit it makes for some juicy drama...
Sharon: true, in Deceived by the Others she threw down! I loved the last line of that book:
“The hunt for those who had wronged me was on.” BITCHES! <G>
okay, she didn’t say that last word out loud, but you know she thought it. Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes from Stalking the Others:
“Knock, knock, bitches.”
Jess: She totally did think it. And yes, I love that line. Also, if anyone is getting the idea that I over-use the word “bitch” well… yes. Yes, I do.

Sharon: You call yourself weird a lot in your FAQ. Finish this sentence: People think I am weird because….
Jess: …I like terrible movies, play tabletop RPGs, build my own computers, dress up in costume for Ren Faires, collect swords, and will try almost anything. For example, I’ve eaten bugs. They were delicious.

Don’t judge me.
Sharon: Who? us judge? *eyes the sword Jess just pulled from behind her back* we don’t judge….What bugs did you eat?
Jess: I've tried crickets and mealworms. I’m not about to try it again anytime soon, but they weren't as foul as I was expecting.

Sharon: Latest game obsession?
Jess: Plants vs. Zombies. I’ve already beaten it somewhere between eight and ten times. My Zen garden is nearly complete. C’mon, water plants!

Sharon: We got to talk bad movies. What are your go to movies when you need a fix? Do you watch the SyFy channel originals? Aracnoquake comes on this Saturday.
Jess: Oh, lawd. I love me some cheesy movies. Mostly, I love to MST them. Or watch the old school MST3K show.
My go-to bad movies include such classics as The Pest, Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Tank Girl, Blade III (I’m only in it for the Ryan Reynolds parts, I swear!), Tremors, and more.
Sharon: Tremors ROCKS! Kevin Bacon ROCKS!
Katie: Next to Footloose that's one of my top favs!Jess: God, yes! Young Kevin Bacon! *fans self*
we interrupt this interview for a moment of Bacon...
we now return you to the interview...
I used to love watching SyFy, but these days I only have a Netflix subscription. While their selection of bad movies does include some genuinely bad, unwatchable stuff, I was thoroughly entertained by Uwe Boll’s parody of a Uwe Boll movie. Have you seen Blubberella? Just sayin’.
Sharon: can’t say that I have, but you darn tooting I’m going to <G> How about Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from NY?
Jess: As much as I like them, I don’t re-watch them like I do the other movies I listed. Though I do love me some camp.

Katie: How many vampires do you know personally? And much more importantly how many of them are single?
Jess: Hee! Oh, if only… There are always the men-folk of my series. I hear Angus MacLeod (Royce’s head of security, a Scottish vamp) is on the lookout for a lady friend. And if you recall Mr. Seawater Eyes from TAKEN BY THE OTHERS, that’s Sebastian. You might be safer with his human twin brother, Thad, but both of them are still pretty new to the vampire scene. Watch your step around them…

Sharon: During a zombie apocalypse, which fictional character (can be anyone) would like to have your back?
Jess: Ash from the Evil Dead movies. He strikes me as the ultimate survivor.

Sharon: What if every time you entered a room a theme song/music would play…what would yours be?
Jess: Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra (aka, the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey – see here if you’re unfamiliar
Sharon: Unfamiliar? Do you know how old I am <G>? I remember when it came out.
Jess: Hehe! I was thinking more those in the audience, but I won’t tell… ;)

Sharon: What is a pet you would love to have?

Jess: An African Grey parrot. I’ve always loved animals, and I already have or had every pet I’ve ever wanted. Right now, the menagerie includes: 4 birds, about a dozen fish, shrimp, a frog, and 3 lizards.

Rapid Fire- these can get a little rough…

Sharon: dirty dancing or waltz
Jess: Dirty dancing, baby.

Katie: Cover me in Jell-O or cover me in whip cream? (not literarily me)
Jess: Whipped cream. That stuff is the bomb-diggity, yo.

Sharon: dark chocolate or milk chocolate
Jess: Dark chocolate.

Katie: Wild West or Medieval Times?

Jess: Medieval Times. Haven’t you seen that show? Love those giant turkey legs.
Sharon: We have eaten at Medieval Times quite a few times they don’t give you silver ware.
Jess: I know. It’s awesome.

Sharon: “I am the law” or “they drew first blood”
Jess: “I am the law.” You should hear my roommate pull that line. Cracks me up every time. *g*
Sharon: You know they are remaking Judge Dredd…
Jess: Wait, what?! What?! How did I not know about this?! *rushes to IMDB*
Katie: Yup, Karl Urban is playing the Judge. *drool*
Katie: Coke or Pepsi?
Jess: Coke.
Sharon: *sob* my soul just died a little…
Katie: *fist pumps* Heck yes to the Coke!
Jess: *pat, pat* There, there. It’ll be okay. Here, I’ll share some of my Smoke & Stout chocolate bar with you…
Sharon: *sniff* Okay...

Sharon: “Do you think I’m sexy?” or “ I’m sexy and I know it!”
Jess: I choose a third option:

Sharon: LOL! That is a good one too.

Katie: Pigeons or Ravens?
Jess: Ravens. Much smarter than flying rats.
Sharon: HEY! Some of my best friends are pigeons….okay not really, just trying to cause drama..
Jess: Funny story. I used to hang out at this Wendy’s in downtown LA. One time, it felt like every pigeon in the city was hanging out on the patio with me. One of the pigeons even landed on the table I was sitting at, and took food out of my hand. It had twine wrapped around its toes cutting off the circulation. It let me pick it up and take the string off for it. Hung around long enough to eat a few more fries, then went on its merry way. Weird, huh?
Sharon: *wipes tear from eye* you are like a pigeon hero!

Sharon: boy next door or boy toy?
Jess: Boy next door.

Katie: Jog or Speed walk?
Jess: Jog. Speed walking just looks silly when most people do it.

Sharon: evil eye or stink eye?
Jess: Evil eye.

Thanks again so much for having me!

Sharon: Is there anything else you want the readers to know…links, singings, the last time you shaved your legs…;)
Jess: Let’s see… Links to stalk me:

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Dark Delicacies Book Store
3512 W. Magnolia
Burbank, CA 91505

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Authors After Dark Convention (signing open to the public)
Royal Sonesta Hotel
300 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Olde City New Blood Convention (signing open to the public)
St. Augustine Beach Front Resort
300 A1A Beach Blvd
St. Augustine, FL 32080

And I last shaved my legs two days ago. You’re welcome. *g*

Sharon: *headdesk*

We would like to thank Jess and her shaved legs for visiting. Enter the rafflecopter do-hickey. At the end of the tour 15 people will be chosen to win a copy of Stalking the Others

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