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Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review: Circle of Blood (Witch Hunt #3) by Debbie Viguie

Circle of Blood (Witch Hunt #3) 
By: Debbie Viguié
Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: April 1st 2014 by Signet
ISBN13: 9780451240149

Samantha Ryan—cop by choice, witch hunter by necessity—is about to confront the witch who has been secretly manipulating her life. But her search for the truth about her past may end in her death.

All her life, Samantha Ryan has been haunted by a circle of blood, which she has tried to keep at bay—ever since she escaped a vicious Salem coven of witches as a child. But now her carefully constructed life has given way to the darkness she might have embraced, had she not run away.

Angry, focused, and more than willing to use her powers on anyone who gets in her way, Samantha travels to New Orleans to confront Lilith Black, the witch who has been mercilessly shaping events around her for months.

But little does Samantha know that her own nightmarish past and Lilith’s are inescapably intertwined—and that what Lilith wants most of all is for Samantha to suffer until her final breath.

After leaving Salem, N.H. and San Francisco, CA, Samantha Ryan (a.k.a Desdemona) is now in New Orleans, after being baited to follow a trail left for her at the end of "The Last Grave". While in New Orleans Samantha discovers someone or something is using a lot of magic to keep other magic users trapped in the area, along with draining them of their magic and leaving them for dead.

With some help from her ex-partner and love interest, Samantha discovers  she wasn't the only one that survived the horrific killing of the coven she was a member of as a child. With amazing flashbacks throughout the story you find out that Lilith was the other member. Lilith is a woman hell bent on revenge along with attempting to recreate the ritual that killed the coven, but this time she aims to succeed where the coven failed.

The inner turmoil Samantha has with herself, if she really is Samantha or Desdemona was interesting to read and follow. The conflict Samantha has about her religion I found intriguing since she has always assumed using magic was "evil" and there is no possible way you can be good and use magic at the same time.

If you enjoy the show Grimm, I recommend checking this series out. The similarities between Nick and Samantha (both cops, both with supernatural abilities) are visible, along with similar side characters . This is also a great trilogy to read if you want a short series to get hooked on.

4.5 Sheep


About the Author:
Debbie Viguié is the New York Times Bestselling author of over a dozen novels including the Wicked series and the new Crusade series co-authored with Nancy Holder.  Much of Debbie’s writing has a dark edge to it, including her retold fairy tales, her latest being Violet Eyes, a retelling of The Princess and the Pea.  In addition to her epic dark fantasy work Debbie also writes thrillers including The Psalm 23 Mysteries and the upcoming Kiss trilogy.  When Debbie isn’t busy writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, visiting theme parks.  They live in Florida with their cat, Schrödinger.


  1. Replies
    1. I enjoyed the whole series, sad to think that this may be the last book.

  2. Yes, this does sound good! Lilith is most often portrayed as the mother of all vampires, not as a witch.