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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Review: Drowning in Fire by Hanna Martine

Drowning in Fire (The Elementals #3)
by Hanna Martine
Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages
Expected publication: April 1st 2014 by Berkley Sensation

Hidden in the Hawaiian islands, there is magic pure enough to heal a broken heart.

In his last audience with the Senatus, Griffin hoped to establish a connection between his water-wielding race and the other elementals. Instead, he found himself drawn into a forbidden affair with the Chimeran general Keko. When it ended in a storm of fire and ice, Griffin was banned from the Senatus and Keko was stripped of her status.

Just as Griffin is given a second chance to prove himself worthy of a Senatus seat, he gets a call from Keko. Despite how it ended between them, she wants to hear his voice one last time before embarking on a suicide mission to save her people and redeem her name.

Despite her good intentions, members of the Senatus want her stopped—and Griffin volunteers to go after her. As he tracks his former lover through the untamed Hawaiian wilderness, she leads him straight to the source of all fire magic. But will the intense power they discover draw them back together or destroy them both?

Keko was a respected member of her people, moving up in the ranks to where she wanted to be until she had an affair with the wrong guy.

Griffin wants a seat on the Senatus and needs to work with Keko is order to learn the ways of the Senatus and her people. Things seem to be going well until he has an affair with her.

Keko was given the duty of showing Griffin the rules and how her people did things. She was also told to report back everything he said, did and anything that seemed strange. So she figured that to make him feel at ease and make it easier to get the info she needed from him, she would flirt and maybe use sex. But she didn't realize what a mistake that would be in the end.

Things turn bad after their affair. Keko loses her status and Griffin in banned from the Senatus. Later when Griffin is just about to get a seat on the Senatus, he gets a call from Keko telling him goodbye. She is going to try and redeem her name but what she plans to do could be a one way mission and Griffin goes after her.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this book was the dialogue, the fun banter between Keko and Griffin. They are quite the opposites, literally fire and water and that really worked for this story.

This book started out pretty good but by the middle things slowed down a bit and I ended up taking a break for most of the day before I picked it back up to read the rest and thankfully the book does pick back up towards the end. I always finish a book once I start reading it because I always hope if it seems a bit slow or I don't like parts of it, that it will have gotten better by the ending and made it worth the read and this one did just that.

If you're looking for a different type of paranormal romance then this might be a good book to try.

I give this book 3 sheep.

Mary Kirkland
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Meet the Author:
Hanna Martine writes sexy, character-driven romance novels in several different sub-genres. Sometimes there's magic (paranormal); sometimes there isn't (contemporary). She left a decade of office work in order to show her daughter what it means to go after your dream. She lovesbar stools, the imaginary world, travel and her friends. Though she and her family live outside Chicago, her heart resides in Australia.


  1. Well this is certainly a thread of PNR I haven't run across. Hmmmm, intrigues me but I am cautious.

  2. A new series to add to my wishlist, sounds good. But Mary, I learned not to finish every book I start, and it really makes me enjoy reading more.