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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Book Review: Bad Angels: a contemporary fantasy with a metaphysical twist by Dennis Danvers

Bad Angels: a contemporary fantasy with a metaphysical twist
by Dennis Danvers
October 15, 2015
Metaphysical Circus Press 
Shannon’s a fallen angel. Hunted. Hiding. Her crime? She’d rather live on earth with humans and exercise free will.

On the streets, Shannon keeps her wings tucked inside a hollowed out backpack and taps the will of young men. Nothing harmful. Just enough to get what she needs—until she meets George, an angel-obsessed artist, in Richmond, Virginia. Now she’s in trouble: tapping wills can work both ways.

Peter Arrowsmith is the archangel’s investigator, in charge of the problem of the fallen, and he’s closing in on Shannon. Trouble is, Peter’s slipping into an entanglement of his own with Bethanie, a beautiful, compulsive liar.

As Shannon flees and Peter pursues, they draw a group of misfits into their deadly battle. But as both angels and humans will learn, love can make a tragedy or a farce of even divinely inspired plans.

Bad Angels is a contemporary fantasy that explores the concept that angels might be a race—no better or worse than humans, just different. With quirky characters and a fast-paced plot, Bad Angels explores what happens when a race that has the power of flight, but not free will, decides to take a walk on the wild side among the humans of earth.

Aren't ALL angels good?! Apparently not. This author treats us to a look into the operations of the Angel Department of the "after" life and how it interacts with our human existence. There are "guardian" angels, Special Investigative Angels, "fallen" angels and apparently "brown nosing" angels. Sounds a lot like our everyday life here on earth...OH, and don't forget the "ghosts" some people talk to! They all receive their assignments (except for the fallen angels) from someone called the Archangel.

Shannon is one of the "fallen" angels. She didn't particularly care for her assignment in the Angel department so she decided to pick a time and place on earth to escape. She has been trying to elude the band of retrieving angels sent to bring her back to the fold and put her in heaven's equivalent of jail.

She bumps into George outside of a bar where he had recently been "dumped" by his girlfriend and had been drowning his sorrow in a little alcohol. Shannon took advantage of his state of mind and convinced him to take her home with him. There discovering that this man had a passion, more to say obsession, with angel's wings. Only planning to stay until a good time to escape without the band of angels noticing her, Shannon reveals to George that she is really an angel and ultimately shows him her wings. From there the connection is sealed between the two and now they are both fleeing from this gestapo band of angels.

Many characters enter into their escapades as they try to keep Shannon on earth. There is a compassionate "Special Investigator" angel that has been tracking (although half-heartedly) Shannon for many years, a widower who still speaks with his wife's ghost, a female that has spent years redefining herself by taking on bogus names and backgrounds, a gay couple and a guy who is a seemingly unsuccessful hard luck person looking for his life's purpose. Their lives intersect leading to an interesting series of events.

This author has quite the writing style! A rather long story that at times had me shaking my head saying "what did that just say?" But I quickly realized I had to just read on and see the whole thought process and it all made more sense. Kinda quirky, kinda funny, kinda thought provoking and kinda heartwarming, this book is a detour from the norm and a little lengthy but well worth the time! You can tell this author's mind has a million thoughts being processed at one time and he wants to get all of them down before new ones pop up. Kudos for the entertaining prose!

I give this book 4 "angelic" sheep

Jeanie G

About the Author:
Dennis Danvers is an American author of science fiction novels. He lives in Richmond, Virginia. He is the president of the Byrd Park Civic League.

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