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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: Dragons Will Fall: Kingdom Come: Book 1, Fantasy Romance Series by Susan Scott

Dragons Will Fall: Kingdom Come: Book 1, Fantasy Romance Series
by Susan Scott

240 pages
September 14th 2015
by Zannadu, LLC
From Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner, Susannah Scott, comes a new, ancient world series full of exiled magicians, imperiled dragon-shifters, and steamy romance. An outcast magician with lousy control...
Kas is a half-light with the “gift” of invisibility and healing, but her sometimes deadly magic makes her distrusted by her own people. In an effort to prove her worth and save her people from execution, she infiltrates an enemy castle on a spy mission, but is kidnapped by a powerful intruder. When her only friend is taken hostage as well, Kas has no choice but to embrace her volatile magic and turn to her captor for help.

A dragon-shifter king with an island in revolt...
Cullen is the most powerful dragon of his generation, but strength and cunning won’t stop the mysterious scourge killing his kinsmen. After he steals Kas away to heal them, he’s incensed to find her magic is uncontrollable. Despite her unpredictable powers and non-existent fighting skills, he soon becomes convinced she holds the key to saving the dying dragon race. He’s willing to do anything to gain her cooperation. Even if it means breaking all taboos and seducing the crafty little magician.

With a kingdom of enemies after them both, Kas and Cullen must learn to trust each other before their kingdoms are rendered extinct.

DRAGONS WILL FALL is a full-length HEA, stand-alone fantasy romance about a woman who doesn’t trust anyone, not even herself, and the Dragon King who convinces her to examine her fears and desires. The series may appeal to fans of Warprize, Throne of Glass, Radiance, and the Dragon Blood series. Due to “open-door” sexual content and dastardly-dude-comeuppance, this book is recommended for mature readers.

Magicians, humans, and dragon-shifters rule the three kingdoms. The half-lights are half-human and half-magicians and all three kingdoms hunt them and think they are an abomination. Kas is a half-light healer who can’t control her magic and is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cullen is the king of the dragon-shifters and he needs to Kas to heal his kind.

Kas is hated everywhere she goes and with the dragons it is no different. She just wants to save her friend Muriel from the humans. Cullen makes her a deal to stay and try to heal his kind. Kas has no confidence in herself or her skills but does find Cullen very interesting. A little betrayal with a splash of romance makes this a worth the read. I look forward to Hank and Muriel’s story as well as Felix and Lettie’s story next year!

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
SUSAN / SUSANNAH SCOTT is an Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner for her dragon-filled romance stories. She lives with her family in Southern Missouri and loves connecting with readers through social media.

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