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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book Review: Reaper Mine (A Reaper Novel) by Christie Palmer

Reaper Mine (A Reaper Novel)
by Christie Palmer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Jinx Fantasy Fiction
Date of Publication: 08/15/2015
ISBN: 978-0-988557-5-4
Number of pages: 241
Cover Artist: Jaycee De Lorenzo
of Sweet N’ Spicy Designs
A war is brewing; the Tribunal wants to possess her. And one Reaper will give his soul to love her.

Victor is the Reaper over Violence he doesn’t do warm and fuzzy. He definitely doesn’t do damsel in distress. But apparently Dante didn’t get that memo. And Elle was most defiantly a damsel in distress.

Now he only needs to can keep her alive long enough to find out who wants to kill her? And why the hell did the Tribunal want her so badly?

She was a demi-goddess. A cursed demi-goddess, who had accidently bound her soul to the Reaper over Violence in order to save her butt from a Freak trying to kill her in a graveyard.

Elle was having a really bad day.

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I received a free copy of this book and really hope that the final copy was edited far better then what I received. I've notice several other reviewers online have also shared the same feedback. Authors, this is a great example of how badly you either need to pay attention to your own editing, or pay someone really good to help get the job done. 

Reaper Mine, at it's heart, had some major potential to be a really good pnr. However, most of the characters left me feeling like I was being yelled at throughout the story. Almost every single character "yells" or "shouts" at the other. Steadily. I mean, sometimes you need to really make your point. But there comes a line you must stop at, the author does not stop at the line. She plunges ahead and makes it hard for me to feel a connection when everyone is screaming all over the place.

Yelling aside, the story was lacking some finesse when it came to our leading couple. Elle is pretty wimpish, for a demi-god I was surprised by her lack of a backbone and overall mouseish ways. This is a gal who has lived for thousands of years, yet she can't fight for herself? She constantly tells the people around her not to help her live, since all the bad guys are out to get her, yet then gets herself killed over and over. (Don't worry she has a curse that brings her back.) It's all a tad redundant. Honestly, it is annoying to read about leading ladies who need so much rescuing.

Victor is sadly not much better. He calls a gal who challenges his macho authority a "bitch" several times. Sorry, but that would not be the type of guy I want in my life. He's overly bossy, controlling and high-handed, thinking far too much of himself. In and outside of the bedroom. Pfft, no thanks.

Overall, the meat of the story had some really good potential. I can see what the author was going for and I applaud the attempt. The backstabbing side stories and plot twists were interesting, this would have been far more alluring then anything else. The action, when it happens, was also very exciting. But everything in between, needed some more work.

I suggest you read what other folks are saying and make your decision from there.

Getting 2 and 1/2 Sheep


He had almost lost her today and something deep in his chest had broken lose at the thought of losing her, and he just needed to feel her close to him. He would be damned straight to hell itself before he walked away from her right now. 

So he kissed her, he wrapped his arms around her slippery body molding her against him under the pounding hot spray of water. Slanting her full lips over his, pressing them open he sank his tongue into her mouth to tangle with hers. She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, making it easier to sink further into the kiss. 

Victor lost himself in the kiss. The feel of the woman in her arms, full breasts pressed against him. And he grew light headed with desire; he broke the kiss to drag air into his starved lungs. 

She tasted like warm sunshine, and the second he could breathe, he dipped his lips back to hers. Elle moaned into his mouth and Victor was lost, he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, rubbing against her and drawing her tongue into his mouth he sucked on it. Drawing her unique taste and flavor into his mouth. Memorizing her, gods he couldn’t get her taste deep enough into him. She made the most amazing sounds as he drifted from her mouth to the side of her neck. Elle burrowed into him resting her head against his chest, he thanked the gods he had left his boxer briefs on. As he tried to control the urge to press her against the shower wall and take her. 

“Elle.” Her name came out more as a moan.

About the Author:
Pintrest-Fan Club
Christie was born and raised in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Ut. She lives less than a mile from the home she grew up in. World traveler she is not. But what she lacked in travel she more than made up for in her imagination. Within her vivid imagination she has traveled the world over as well as different worlds and different times.

She works a full time day job to pay the bills but looses herself in books and her writing whenever possible.

She is a loving mother of two wonderful children that she admits she is obsessed with. She has been married for 18 years to a very tolerant man that is grounded in reality in order for her to fly to the heights of her own imagination.

She started writing when she was a teenager after reading a book that she didn't like the ending too. Took a hiatus to raise her wonderful children but has dedicated herself to becoming a published writer for the last several years.

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