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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review: A Pirate’s Revenge (Legends of the Soaring Pheonix #2) M.L. Guida

A Pirate’s Revenge (Legends of the Soaring Pheonix #2)
by M.L. Guida
Caught in middle of a bloody bargain between a demon and underworld god, pirate William O’Brien is suddenly possessed by a dragon spirit, forcing the man opposed to all magic to trust the beautiful witch Mariah Fey. Mariah, with an agenda of her own, is faced with a dire assignment; rescue her brother Lark from demonic clutches with the help of pirate-dragon William. But when William is reluctant to embrace their fateful mission, Mariah must charge forward and convince William she is trustworthy and an innocent player in this supernatural game.

The Soaring Pheonix series chronicles the high sea adventures of a ship of pirate vampires. Yes, pirate vampires. The combination is beyond tantalizing for fans of the paranormal romance genre. The finest vampire aspects were covered in book one and were largely unexplored in this installment. Since William, Captain Kane O’Brien’s brother, is one of the few non-vampire ship mates, William’s human-dragon transformation is at the centre of A Pirate’s Revenge. I have not read book one and entered this series with this book. Although I was slightly disappointed by the lack of vampire action, I didn’t feel lost jumping in at book two. The characters, their circumstances, and relevant past proceedings were well explained by the author.

I enjoyed reading the developing romance between William and Mariah, which starts early and drips with tension. The interesting plot features non-stop action. The story follows a typical paranormal romance arc, however, and although the pirate-paranormal twist is interesting, the plot isn’t altogether original. The series has loads of potential though with lots of interesting loose threads. Though the story is nicely tied together at the end, there’s lots left unexplored. I am intrigued by the hint of an Undine (mermaid) storyline. As well, I liked the character of Zuto, a conflicted loveless demon. I would definitely be interested in an installment rooted in his character.

Overall, A Pirate’s Revenge was a super sexy wild ride worth the read.

3 ½ Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
I have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Regis University and I studied both creative and creative non-fiction. My final Capstone was on A Pirate’s Curse, my paranormal historical manuscript, and I’ve decided to self-publish it in the fall of 2013. Creative non-fiction is actually subjective journalism and this helped me learn how to write columns, basically blogging.

I live in Colorful Colorado and enjoy the Rocky Mountains. Many of my other stories, such as Dark Promise, which will be coming out in March 2014, are based in the mountains, specifically Frisco, Colorado where my family owns a cabin.

My home backs up to open space and I enjoy taking my cocker spaniel, Sadie, on trails behind my house.


  1. wow a new author and this book sounds great

  2. It was quite good. If I had to do it over again, however, I would've started with book one just to get more of the vampire crew backstory.

  3. sounds like great read to me! Any reason why this book didn't get more stars from you?

  4. It wasn't a "five sheep" book for me, primarily because I've read a lot of books with a very similar plot line in the past and I didn't find this overly inventive. But reviewing is so subjective. Who knows, it might be a perfect book for someone else ;)