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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Review: Kingmaker of Meldarvis by Percia Pierce

Kingmaker of Meldarvis
by Percia Pierce
September 1st 2015
Wanted: Smart, Suave, and Sexy Male to be King.
Someone will capture Princess Cecilia’s heart. After interviews, forensic competitions, and public sex trials with several contenders, Princess Cecilia, the designated kingmaker of Meldarvis, must be self-reliant and diligent as she considers the various skills of royalty and commoners. She must choose only one man, disregarding royal secrets circulating the country, meddlesome subjects giving their opinions, and bettors’ speculations. Find out which man will become king and reign with her.

Princess Cecilia is charged with the duty of naming the next king of Meldarvis. This man is to be a partner, perhaps even her husband. She is free to decide how she shall select the next ruler of the land. Clever and curious, Cecilia opts for sexual competency as a barometer of kingship suitability. A skilled man in the bedroom will be a skilled man in the throne room. And so begins the sexual shenanigans.

Kingmaker of Meldarvis is a pornographic, medieval bachelorette. Readers can expect graphic uninhibited encounters as Cecilia weeds through scores of men from every walk of life. Meldarvis is a puzzling place. Pierce establishes it as a sort of sexual fantasy free of prejudice, or tradition. But for a place so unfettered, there are dozens of rules surrounding king selection. It’s daunting and confusing and at times contradictory. But I digress, because really, this book isn’t about the protocol, it’s about the sex. And the sex is abundant. And the sex is outrageous.

At times, this book is plain silly. Character names like Prince Woodcock Hardon and Loose Lucy, while amusing, are at odds with the diction and setting of the text. The diction fluctuates between reserved antiquated proper English and contemporary, colourful slang. And while I’m sure there is some sort of intelligent social commentary going one here (à la Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Series) the distractions were too dense for me to invest myself in any existing sub text.

Readers can expect a barrage of sex acts and settings; some of it tantalizing, but much of it strange. I consider myself a fairly seasoned reader, but the book’s inclusion of incestuous content crossed a line for me. But I recognize this is fantasy, and this is indulgence, it’s just not my kind of indulgent fantasy.

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