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Monday, October 19, 2015

October The Year of the Sheep Giveaway!

There are only three more months to celebrate the Year of the Sheep! Then those freaking monkeys take over...
Let's say congratulations to our three September winners:
Amy Heart won Prize Pack #1 
Karene Smith won Prize Pack #2 
Dawn R won Prize Pack #3
Link to what they won
Time for the October Year of the Sheep giveaway

There are special entries for sheeples who go that extra mile to prove their love. You can sheepify a picture. If you are still confused about what or how to do this check out two of our followers ideas!

These three devoted sheeples are showing their devotion...
(left) June Manning's doggie playing with some cheeky sheep!
(right) Rachel Wunderlin is showing off some knitted sheep.
(bottom) Suz made a pretty picture.

Special Thanks for the October giveaways
Dawn Cavenee for the cool Year of the Sheep shirt
Elisabeth Staab for book and swag

Prize Pack #1 (US only) books & shirt
Heart Legacy -Robin D Owens
A  Deafening Silence in HeavenThomas E. Sniegoski
Tower of Thorns - Juliet Marillier
Undead and Unforgiven -Mary Janice Davidson
Fear the Dark -Kay Hooper
The Legend of the Blue Eyes -B. Kristin McMichael
Mind Magic -Eileen Wilks
Jaguar Pride -Terry Spears
Autumn Thorns -Yasmine Galenorn
Prince of Power -Elisabeth Staab

Prize Pack #2 (US/Int.)
Kristen Painter tote bag, sheep scarf, The Zombie Combat Field Guide Coloring book by Roger Ma, Jane Yellowrock stake, Cruella and Evil Queen Jelly Bellies, various other sheep type swag, moon pie, Kool-Aid

Prize Pack #3 (US only) you must be 18+ to win this one
gay romance swag bag
Signed Damon Suede XL shirt
Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat
Giving and Inch -by Heidi Belleau , Amelia C. Gormley
SWAG! - including a deck of NSFW cards

 THERE ARE THREE RAFFLEDUDES! Pay attention to what you enter. Two are US only and the other is for US and Int.

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  1. I think I would name my little sheep George.

  2. According to my daughter the little lamb would be named Tim or Bob. :-)

  3. Well, since all our animal's names end in either "y" or "o" (or "o" sound) it would have to be follow those guidelines. Rambo

  4. I would name him Scrubby Pad.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. my granddaughter says Snow white

    tiramisu392 (at)

  7. I once had a lamb named after me! But I got to name one too - Freckles (it was a mix of Dorset and Hampshire and it had spots that looked like freckles).

  8. I would name it Ewe-mit or Braaa-ndon for a boy and Ewe-myLou for a girl.

  9. Cotton - just to be a smart ass ;)

  10. His name would be Zeus; her name would be Athena.

  11. If it is a white lamb I would call it Snowdrop. Otherwise, I would go with Lahela or Pascal

  12. I'd pick Colambo, after the SESAME STREET character!


  13. I would want a black little lamb and I would name him Black Threads :)

  14. When I was a kid, always named the bummer lambs based on characteristics... had one named Airplane because it's ears stuck out like wings of a plane.

    Buuuut, if I got one like what I want, I'd name it Black Sheep. And then color it's wool fun colors!

  15. my sheep would be named Baaberry

  16. My pet sheep would be named Baa Ram Ewe the lamb of Wool

  17. Oh my. What would I name my little lamb? I would have to go with Loki, and her would become the Prankster Ram!!!

    1. I mean, HE, unless of course Loki was pretending to be a male, and was really a SHE....hmmmmm

  18. I've never had a lamb, but I think I'd name him Cornelius. Awesome giveaways!

  19. Oen (pronounced OYN) which is Welsh for Lamb :D

  20. I would name her 'Come here ewe'. :)