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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Book Review: Cast in Faefire (The Magecraft Series Book 3) by SM Reine

Cast in Faefire (The Magecraft Series Book 3)
by SM Reine
May 23rd 2016 by Red Iris Books
Pages: 247
Marion Garin, the Voice of God, is due to marry the Prince of the Autumn Court by the end of the week - assuming that the world's preternatural leadership doesn't have anything to say about it. They plan to strip Prince ErlKonig of his title, ensuring that Marion can't form a god-forbidden treaty with the angels.

Still injured from his final fight in Sheol, Seth Wilder is seeking a way to stay alive. If he dies, he'll lose more than his life - he'll be slave to the gods' whims for all eternity. He's ready to take drastic steps. Maybe even make a bargain with the vampires. But what the gods want, they get. And they don't appreciate being defied.

This is the third book in the Mage Craft series by SM Reine. The Magecraft books are a continuation of Reine’s long running series which is complex and one of the best series I've ever read. The reason her series is so successful is because it is comprised of many mini series. This way you get new characters to love without having to give up the old favorites since they still appear from time to time. The story lines never get dull because they continue to evolve with each new series.

Marion is going to marry Prince ErlKonig so that he can take charge of the wards in the Winter Court and carry the treaty of the Autumn Court over to the Winter Court. Deep down Marion knows she doesn't really love him but wants to save lives and do right by those in her charge. She will never have her memories back but she is a new person and hopefully that will be enough. Seth was badly injured during his fight in Sheol and has to find a way to stay alive. He doesn't want to be the third god in the triad and if he dies he won't have a choice. The chemistry between Marion and Seth is fantastic. Konig is just too smug and underhanded for my tastes. If you've never read any of Reine's books what are you waiting for! Her books are too good to miss.

About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

If you would like to know the instant I have a new book available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! I'll only email you when I have a new release, which is generally no more than once a month. I can't write any faster than that. :)

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