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Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Review: Shadow (The Romany Outcasts Series, Book 2) by Christi J. Whitney

Shadow (The Romany Outcasts Series, Book 2)
by Christi J. Whitney
June 2nd 2016

by HarperVoyagerUK
Pages: 341
The second volume in this incredible YA trilogy. When stone hearts break they shatter.

Sebastian Grey used to be a normal teenager. Now he’s a creature whose sole purpose is to be a guardian for secretive gypsy clans.

When the Romany gypsies need his help, Sebastian is given a second chance to protect Josephine Romany – the girl he loves. But this is no easy task when some of them think he’s as bad as the shadow creatures attacking their camp.

Yet to keep Josephine safe, Sebastian might have to embrace his darker side. Even if that means choosing between his humanity and becoming the monster everyone believes him to be.

As the second book in this YA trilogy continues, all of Sebastian’s friends graduate from high school as he continues to struggle with what he has become. He doesn’t fit in with his friends anymore and even though he is part of the Corsi clan he doesn’t really fit in with them either. They’ve done a great job of helping him and accepting him but still won’t look him in the eyes most of the time. When Nicholas Romany, the head of the Romany clan shows up in town again and asks Sebastian to fulfill his destiny as Josephine’s guardian, his heart is filled with hope for the first time in forever.

Being a teenager is hard enough but finding out you’re a gargoyle and a guardian to boot is even harder. The story is very relatable to teenagers and has a nice mix of romance as well. The sparks between Josephine and Sebastian are fantastic! Even though Sebastian is a gargoyle I found myself secretly cheering for him to win the girl and of course knock out his competition who is a complete jerk.

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About the Author:
Christi J. Whitney is a former high school theatre director with a love for the arts. She lives just outside Atlanta with her husband and two sons. When not spending time with them or taking a ridiculous number of trips to Disney World, she can be found directing plays, making costumes for sci-fi/fantasy conventions, obsessing over Doctor Who, watching superhero movies, or pretending she’s just a tad bit British.

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