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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: Lie Down with Dogs (Black Dog Book 3) by Hailey Edwards

Lie Down with Dogs (Black Dog Book 3)
by Hailey Edwards
April 30th 2015
Pages: 220
With tentative peace established in Faerie, Thierry returns to her job as a conclave marshal in Texas while the countdown to her coronation begins. But what happens in Faerie doesn’t always stay in Faerie. A crown wasn’t Thierry’s only souvenir from her trip. Her new husband, Rook, is scheming again, and this time his plans are invading her dreams.

When her best friend throws a beachside going-away party, Thierry is grateful for the distraction from Rook…and from Shaw. But her presence in Daytona rouses an old evil, one who wants the future queen as the crown jewel of his private collection.

Thierry has one year in the human realm before she must return to Faerie and her crown. She is hoping she can find a way out of it in that year. To learn about Faerie, Rook visits her in her dreams to teach her though Rook is always looking out for himself so she’s unsure if her life is his priority or not. Mai decides that the best way to deal with life his to head to Daytona and have a week of fun in the sun. Of course, wherever Thierry goes trouble follows.

Edwards does a great job of keeping this series going with a good story line and lots of surprises. There is plenty of spark with all the men in Thierry’s life that you will have a hard time choosing which one is your favorite. I’ve really enjoyed the different types of fae that are continually introduced as well.

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Denise B

About the Author:
A cupcake enthusiast and funky sock lover
possessed of an overactive imagination, Hailey
lives in Alabama with her handcuff-carrying hubby, 
her fluty-tooting daughter and their herd of dachshunds.

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  1. This one was my least favorite in the series, but I do love this series and world. Thierry really is a unique and fun character plus her friend Mai is great. I've been really enjoying the new Gemini series by Hailey Edwards that's set in the same world. Thank's for the review.