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Monday, May 9, 2016

Movie Review: Keanu (2016)

Keanu (2016)
Directed By: Peter Atencio
Written By: Alex RubensJordan Peele
Apr 29, 2016 Wide
Runtime: 1 hr. 40 min.
Rating: R (for violence, language throughout, drug use and sexuality/nudity)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy
Warner Bros. Pictures - Official Site
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star in this comedy as two friends posing as drug dealers to get back a stolen cat. Peter Atencio directed.

When I saw the red band trailer (rated R version) I thought that it was a joke trailer. There is no way they would make this awesome into a real movie! Well, they did...only they forgot the awesome part.

I saw Keanu with my husband and 15 year old daughter. We laughed at some parts, but mostly we looked at one another wondering how much longer this was going to take. ALL the funny parts are in the trailer and only funny because they are taken out of context. In the movie, the humor fell flat. Maybe because they tried to pass it off as a serious movie. They should have gone campy instead of violent action adventure.

The peeps over at Rotten Tomatoes are loving it. So maybe it's just my family...but we felt like we wasted our money and time. But watch the trailer! It is hilarious... then grab this one on DVD if you can get it for $1 or maybe you can watch it on Netflix eventually.

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WARNING: This is an R-rated trailer NSFW, but funny as sh**!


  1. Oh wow, I would have pegged it as a campy comedy. I was so hoping it was more than something that tried too hard and failed.

  2. That's disappointing, I had seen the trailer also and got really excited but also wary that it would be another movie were all the funny parts are the trailer. I'm surprised though that it wasn't a campy comedy with those two.

    1. It had some really violent parts. Drug dealers killing each other.