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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Comic Review: Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead #1 from Action Lab Entertainment

Writer(s): Steve Bryant
Artist Name(s): Mark Stegbauer, Jason Millet
Cover Artist(s): Mark Stegbauer, Mike Norton, Sean Izaakse
32 pgs./ E / FC $3.99 (reg.), $4.99 (var.)

Action Lab
Something stranger than usual haunts Full Moon Hollow, Paranormal Capital of the World. Adults either can’t see it, can’t remember it, or go crazy from it. So when zombies attack during the Hemlock County Scouting Jamboree, only a group of misfits can save the Hollow. Be prepared. Be very prepared.

During the Hemlock County Scouting Jamboree there is a zombie attack. Five brave scouts end up joining forces and fighting their way back to town only to find it overrun by zombies. With a little sleuthing and a lot of zombie head smashing they try to figure out where the zombies are coming from and how to stop them.

I got a chance to read all four issues of this volume. Issue #1 will be released this June with the rest each month after. In issue #1 we meet each of the characters and see lots of zombie busting action. By issue #2 the gang is armed with a stick, bat, frying pan and potato launcher. The fast pace story offers touching moments, as the characters deepen their friendship, and fighting sequences. Kind of a mystery solving Scooby-doo type of story (but with real monsters). With the added bonus of kids that are respectful, smart and wanting to do the right thing.

The series is targeted at boys and girls 6-12. The artwork has just the right amount of creepiness without being scary, but still has a slight dark edge. The fighting scenes are full of sound words (crack, bam, fwoosh—that's the potato launcher) so you can enjoy the visuals, but some of the other scenes were dialog heavy. All the issues have bonus content at the end. Such as character bios, sketches, Full Moon Hollow facts and a pictorial about how the comic was made.
This is something that would also be appropriate in schools and libraries so think about requesting them. 

5 "Unliving Undead" Sheep


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