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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jeaniene Frost Once Burned book signing + give away

The cool thing about authors that live in your state is youget to go to their book signings and NC is lucky enough to have Jeaniene Frost! She came to the Barnes & Noble in Cary, NC on July 1, 2012 to promote the release of her newest book Once Burned…Vlad’s story! I met blogger Ana Cade(Herding Cats and Burning Soup) who I run into at many book events there and ran into Elvie Doll (Jenni Hesse) from Paperback Dolls. We had a great time talking before and after about...books! I know, right?

Poor Jeaniene drove straight from KY to NC stopping at a gasstation to change shirts so she wouldn’t look rumpled when she got to the signing. She might have been tired, but she was just as pleasant and funny as always. She decided to just talk a little about Vlad’s book and then take questions until time to do the signing. There were tons of questions and she spent as much time with each fan as they wanted during the signing. I am going to just list all the interesting tid bits I picked up during the questions. Then I have some cool swag Jeaniene brought to give away.

There will definitely two Vlad books, maybe a third one.

She told the story of how she swore to herself when she started writing about vampires that she would NEVER mess with the Dracula myth…(ha!) But while she was writing the third Bones/Kat book he popped up in her mind and wouldn’t go away.

The next Cat/Bones book #7 comes out winter 2013

The inevitable Ian question came up! Again she tells us Ian is not ready for his own story, he enjoys being a man whore

She keeps a pad of paper next to her computer to jot down notes and ideas that come to her. She likes to physically write them down rather than type them into a word document.

The next Vlad book, Twice Tempted, will have more emotional violence. Things are going to come to a boil with Vlad and Leila. Leila won’t stand for Vlad’s attitude and makes him face things and deal with them. What he is offering isn’t going to be good enough for Leila.

She was asked what characters she would date: Eric, Barrons and Curran. She said she could go on and on but didn’t want to sound like a tramp.

Jeaniene really liked the character Marty in Once Burned.

She was asked if she would do any more books in the Demonand Angel’s world she created in her novella "Night's DarkestEmbrace," that was part of the anthology Haunted by Your Touch. She would love to, but she is contracted for the next three years to write vampire books.

The story she has in the anthology Haunted by Your Touch will be coming out as a separate novella and she is excited because stories in anthologies tend to get forgotten about.

Jeaniene says novellas are just as much work to produce as a novel for her and it just doesn’t make sense to put all that effort into a novella when she could turn it into a novel with a few more weeks work and most people prefer a full novel. So she won’t be writing anymore novellas because it just isn’t practical.

Writing Mencheres was difficult because he is a 4,500 year old male. It is hard to put yourself in the head of someone who is that old and figure out how they would behave in today’s world.

Can Kat make a vampire? She deliberately hasn’t answered this question.

She talked about how many books there will be in the Cat/Bones series. She knows how the series will end, but doesn’t know if there is enough material to make 9 books and won’t know until she writes the 8thone.

90% of what she reads is paranormal and wants to see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Magic Mike

She doesn’t play favorites with her books. The one she is writing at the time is the one she loves.

She was asked to write a young adult. She even has a YA horror story she wrote set in an angel world just sitting around. No one was interested in it at the time because it was so dark.

Why was Once Burned written from Leila’s POV? She decides how to best tell a story. When you have a split POV you take away the discovery of characters, because you are in their heads.With Leila’s first person POV the reader gets to learn about Vlad’s life and how he treats women right along with Leila. The second book Twice Tempted will be from Leila’s POV too. She hasn’t decided what POV the third book will be (if there is one), depends on the story that needs to be told.

She writes to music because it helps her block out distractions. Each book has its own playlist. The songs don’t have a special meaning for the storyline, but they help put her in the right frame of mind for that particular novel.

She was asked if Isabella and Chance (from the novella “One forthe Money”) would write a HEA novella. If there is a reason for them too she will.

After the questions we all lined up to get books signed and pictures taken. I tried to hang onto her for you guys, but she defended herself very well <G>

Disclaimer: no reviewer was harmed in this picture

I have 5 rubber band bracelets to give away. I will randomly pick a bracelet for 5 winners.

Bones… I like it rough.
Mencheres… I like it mindblowing
Ian… I like it twisted
Vlad… I like it hot
Spade… I like it romantic

To enter:
1. Fill out rafflecopter dude
2. Tell me which of these five vampires you would invite into your room...
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  1. Hmm Rafflecopter says the contest has not started yet? It has been way too long since I read one of those books, I need to catch up with a year or 3. So, I will choose the Romantic one. My own boyfriend is not romantically inclined at all.

    1. I am a dork... we changed the post date for this one and I forgot to go in and change the date on the rafflecopter! sorry. please come back and plug in your info!

  2. Thanks for all the interesting tidbits. I can't wait for Twice Tempted. I really hope we get a third book. :)

  3. somewhere between vlad and spade!! lol

  4. First and foremost, it would always be Bones. Vlad comes in right after. However, both would be awesome!

  5. Spade. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I would invite Ian. I love the bad boy.

  7. Spade of course, but Mencheres or Vlad would be welcome too! :D

  8. Well, Ian....then Bones.....then Mencheres... then Vlad.....then Spade lol!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  9. Bones... and Vlad ;)

    I'm so jealous, I wanna meet Jeaniene Frost! :)

  10. If only Spade were real *le sigh* I love that dude. :)

  11. IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN... twist me in the WIND, in the air, from the ceiling IAN.. because I would NEVER take Bones away from Kat, and Vlad is someone else's too.. IAN MAN WHORE GIVE IT TO ME... with bacon and pie!

  12. I've always loved Bones. However, I'm not sure if I could choose between him and Vlad. I haven't read his book yet but the glimpses of him when his guard is down that we've seen in the Night Huntress books has made me want him.

    Thanks for sharing your visit Sharon!

  13. Bones!!!! while they are all exceptionally hot Bones will always be my fave. Any vamp that can make the back door seem hot has got it going on!

  14. Bones.. I like it rough too!! LOL

  15. I would so invite

  16. Bones & Vlad for obvious reasons, and for equally obvious reasons not at the same time. But to be honest, they all have an invite to my room. My living room. My kitchen, really anywhere I am.

  17. It would be Bones, Mencheres, and Vlad. Got to have it hot besides mindblowing and rough.

  18. Ooooh difficult decisions... In order it would be Bones, Mencheres, Vlad, Spade then Ian. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Hm, since I feel Bones really belongs to Kat...I'd say Vlad first and then Spade for the romantic finish.

  20. I think it would have to be Vlad

  21. I sooooooooo want Vlad...he has been my favorite all along and I can't wait to read his book!!!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  22. Just coming out of Once Burned: Vlad. :-)

  23. Um... all 5? I'm not greedy or anything... LOL

  24. Contest is closed. I am getting ready to pick the 5 winners and send them emails...I will post the winners names at the top of the post. Thanks for visiting!

  25. My best friend & I attended this book signing, drove up from coastal NC that day, and had a blast! Jeaniene was very gracious, especially after driving in directly from Kentucky. This was the first event of its kind I had ever experienced and would do it again for sure. It was very interesting to hear how she thinks about her characters, their development and the process of writing. We love her books and look forward to reading more!

    1. Since she lives in NC you will get to see her often on book tours. Did you know Kim Harrison is coming to Raliegh in Feb?! Can't wait!

  26. Oh, I picked up Bones and Ian bracelets and my friend picked up Bones, Spade and Vlad bracelets. It was cool to see how gracious Jeaniene was about signing everyone's books too, a real lady!