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Friday, July 27, 2012

Interview: Jamie Saare + Give away

winner of contest: ronnkelly3

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I sound like a broken record, but I love dark urban fantasy (emphasis on the dark). I want emotions of love and hate all mixed up and grief and joy bitch-slapping me. I want to cry, scream and squee while reading. Author Jamie Saare writes a series that does all this and more! The Ripple Effect, book #3 in the Rhiannon's Law Series, is one of my favorites. Rhi is a kick ass character that pulls no punches and doesn't make excuses. She is foul mouthed and would cut off her nose to spite her face sometimes, but she wants to do the right thing if everyone would just leave her the $#*% alone!

Sharon: Welcome to the Flock Jamie! *starts fangirling*
Katie: *pulls out duct tape and feather*
Jaime: *stares at duct tape and feather*

*awkward silence*

Sharon: Sorry… you write the Rhiannon's Law Series, one of my favorite urban fantasy series and…”OMG! WHAT HAPPENS WITH DISCO, PAINE AND RHIANNON?!”
Katie: *Yanks out strip of duct tape*
Sharon: I’m okay! *composes self…sort of…*
Jaime: *still staring at duct tape and feather*

*more awkward silence*
Sharon: For our readers who don’t know why Rhiannon, Disco and Paine are so important to me, would you tell them a little about the series?
Jamie: No need to use the duct tape or feather. I’m not going anywhere. Cross my heart and hope to die. *makes motion over chest* If I do I’ll return to being “Mom” which sucks during the summer. Thanks for giving me a break from the madness.

The Rhiannon’s Law series focuses on Rhiannon -- a rough around the edges sort of person. She wants to live her life with as little disruption as possible. That’s why her foul mouth and bad attitude comes in handy. She figures if she can offend people, they won’t get close to her.

Let’s face it, her life isn’t simple.

She’s torn between the man she loves (Disco) and the friend she deeply cares for (Paine). She has to settle a debt with a fallen angel. To complicate matters, obstacles keep getting thrown in her way. Thankfully Rhiannon is resourceful and depends on herself to get things done. That’s one thing I like most about her.

Sharon: You write a DARK urban fantasy (which is how I like them) what is the difference between an urban fantasy and a dark one to you?
Jamie: I’ve noticed a trend in which paranormal romance is labeled urban fantasy. I think romance in urban fantasy is perfectly fine, so long as it doesn’t overshadow everything else.

That being said…

For me dark urban fantasy has to contain elements of horror and copious amounts of violence. It’s rough, gritty, and raw. No one should ever be safe. Characters (even those you love) can and will die. There doesn’t “have” to be a happily ever after.

Sharon: unless your mother-in-law says otherwise? <G>
Jaime: Pretty much. *laughs*

Katie: How much "darker" are vampires in your series compared to straight PNR?
Jaime: I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll say this: You don’t learn a lot about the vampire world (just the demon one) in The Ripple Effect. The fourth book gives readers a deeper insight into the vampire world. You learn about half-demons in The Ripple Effect, who are nasty, vile and utterly repulsive. Vampires can (and sometimes do) follow the same path.
It’s not pretty.

Katie: I do love some dark and twisty vamps! Actually, I love all vamps so don't mind me.

Sharon: You have mentioned that this series has been hard for you to write, why?
Jaime: In part it’s due to Rhiannon. The girl has issues. Going to dark, emotional places is extremely difficult, especially when I get sucked into her head and can’t walk away. My husband knows when I’m writing Rhiannon. I’m tired, grumpy, and unpleasant. Generally it takes a couple of weeks (after a book is complete) to return to my happy-go-lucky self.

Sharon: as much as a mother of, what? 4 kids? Can be…
Jaime: *sighs* Yep. I’ve fulfilled leases for four little people in my womb. I don’t know what I was smoking when I decided flooding the earth with my spawn would be a good idea.

Sharon: You also write under the name Aline Hunter. What kind of stories are these?
Jaime: Pure smut. *laughs*
(shhh, there is smut to the left)
I’ve always enjoyed reading romance (erotic and sweet), and I wanted to give the genre a go. After I wrote steamy stuff under J.A. Saare and received a few complaints (some readers were offended, thinking they’d get spicy and not explicit sex scenes), I thought it would be best to create an alternate pen. Thus Aline Hunter was born.
Katie: Do they hunt down sexy aliens and have their wicked way with them? *chants* Please say yes, please say yes...
Sharon: *bops Katie on the head* her pen name is Aline Hunter, she doesn’t write books about hunting aliens…
Jaime: *holding back giggles* No aliens yet, but you never know. I might write an alien book. Aline is actually my middle name. I didn’t realize it would be confused with extraterrestrials (which it is, rather often) when I chose it.

Katie: Is there something uber nerdy that you've always loved to do? Maybe something people don't know about?
Jaime: Yeah. I can’t believe I’m sharing this…

I love to dance.

You might think, “That’s not nerdy,” but you haven’t seen my moves. Let’s put it this way: The African Anteater Ritual (as seen in one of my favorite 80s flicks, Can’t Buy Me Love) looks amazing in comparison.

Sharon: prove it! *turns on music*
Jaime: Oh no. I’d rather not scar you for life if I can help it.

here is a clip demonstrating how to do the African Anteater Ritual

Sharon: Disco and Paine are the two smexy vampires in this series and they are both attracted to Rhiannon (lucky damn girl). Tell us a little about each one, what makes them smexy and which one you prefer <G>
Jaime: I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. Disco refuses to speak to me. Each time I try to write something from his point of view, nothing happens. My husband believes it’s due to the fact I killed Disco in the first book (and changed the ending when my mother-in-law demanded I give him a new lease on life). I can tell you I didn’t like him in the beginning. There’s something about the guy I don’t trust.

Paine, on the other hand, is my favorite. I got some flack over what happens between him and Rhiannon in The Renfield Syndrome, but people have to realize how long he’s waited for something as simple as a touch. The poor guy is a cesspool of pain. He’s alone but doesn’t want to be. Every day is exactly the same, and it’s been wearing on him. Despite it all, he’s devoted to those he cares for.
Sharon: Paine…le sigh…do you have plans for him to ever find happiness or peace?
Jaime: There is more to come. That’s all I can say.
* Sharon looks at duct tape and feather* hmmm...

Sharon: I absolutely love Rhiannon’s character. How has her character changed since the first book and do you know where you want to go with her character, do you know how the last book will end?
Jaime: The first book was tough. Rhiannon thinks in short, strange bursts. That means what she says in my head doesn't always make sense. As time has passed, I've eased into her voice. Rhiannon continues evolving and learning. Every story is a new lesson -- most of them experienced the hard way. I do have an idea about the end of the series. I’ve been considering a spin-off. Something happens in The Ripple Effect that changes the game. It’ll come into play later in the series.

Sharon: O_o game changing you say? No clues? *waves secret video of Jaime dancing*

Jaime: Oh no. Not the dancing tape! I’d share if I didn’t think I’d ruin things. Don’t show the world my epic video of fail please. *hides*

Katie: This is a very important question. How many sexy single vamps do you know AND can you hook me up?

Jaime: Alas, the only sexy single vamps I know exist in my head. But I could hook you up with a figment of my imagination! No problemo!
Sharon: *looks at Katie* she is so going to take you up on that…
Katie: Mmhmm. We will chat later when judgey pants isn't around. *winks*
Jaime: Sounds good.

Sharon: During a zombie apocalypse, which fictional character would you like at your back?

Jaime: That’s easy. Peter Petrelli (from the television show Heroes). Of course, it has to be the Peter who has the ability to absorb powers and kick major ass. He’d not only see zombies coming, he could nuke the bitches into oblivion. Oh, and he’s easy on the eyes. So when he’s not kicking ass, I’ll have a fantastic view. Can’t get better than that!

Sharon: If every time you entered a room a theme song/music would play, what would yours be?
Jaime: Oh jeezus. That’s an interesting (and fun) question. Lemme see…

How about Walk The Dinosaur by Was (Not Was)? Folks would be too distracted by the song to notice me. Unless I started dancing. Then they’d notice and laugh. That would be bad.

Maybe I should choose another tune.

Sharon: oh, no…this is perfect…Muawhaha!

Sharon: What are your guilty pleasures?
Jaime: Watching cheap and horrible B movies. Drinking as many Red Bulls as possible each day. Taking pictures of weird people at The Death Star (AKA Wal-Mart).
Sharon: OMG, I have wanted to do that, but I just don’t have the nerve <G>. You also like to visit and review haunted houses around Halloween don’t you?
Jaime: Yes, I do! I also do movie reviews for an awesome place called The House of Horror. The people there are amazing. I’m on the Tuesday slot.

Rapid Fire

Sharon: 9 ball or 8 ball?
Jaime: 8 Ball, for sure!

Katie: You talkin to me? or I love the smell of napalm in the morning?
Jaime: I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Katie: Cheese Wiz or Spray can cheese?
Jaime: Spray cheese. YUM.

Sharon: 1990’s horror or 2000’s horror?
Jaime: 1990’s Horror
Sharon: examples?
Jaime: To Sleep With a Vampire (with Scott Valentine, who I love) or Waxwork (which, technically is from the 80s). I loved the transition from eighties to nineties. There is still enough cheese to enjoy before horror took itself too seriously. Although I want to state I did love Scream and the movies that revived interest in the genre (The Faculty and I Know What You Did Last Summer are a couple of examples).

Katie: Coke or Pepsi?
Jaime: Coke.
Sharon: *falls to the ground sobbing*
Katie: YES!!!! That's my girl!!! Uh huh, Uh huh!
Jaime: Sorry, I can’t do Pepsi. In the south, every carbonated beverage is called “Coke” but when I say coke, I mean hand me a Coca-Cola!

Sharon: Pochohantas or Beauty and the Beast?
Jaime: Beauty and the Beast

Katie: Tom Hardy as Bane or Collin Farrell in Fright Night?
Jaime: Gotta say Tom Hardy, even if I haven’t seen him as Bane. I won’t watch the Fright Night remake. Chris Sarandon will always be “my” Jerry Dandrige.
Sharon: I “heart” Sarandon too!
Katie: Tom Hardy is YUMMY!!!
Jaime: Yay, Sharon! I’ll check into Tom, Katie.

Sharon: fire or ice?
Jaime: Fire
Sharon: like your hair!
Jaime: Exactly like my hair. Touch it and burn! Mwhahaha.

Katie: Undead or Walking Dead?
Jaime: Walking Dead
Katie: Also, a fantastic show.
Jaime: Agreed. I love it.

Sharon: knife or gun?
Jaime: Gimme the gun.
Sharon: *hands Jaime nerf gun*
Jaime: I should warn you, with two boys I’m handy with a Nerf gun, now!
Sharon: OMG Katie…our guest shot me…

Sharon: Scooby-Doo or Hong Kong Phooey?
Jaime: Scooby-Doo!
Sharon: favorite Scooby quote?
Jaime: LOL. Rut-ro for sure.

Thanks to Jamie for stopping by and talking with us...
no authors were harmed during this interview..just saying...

Be sure to check out my review of The Ripple Effect!

Jamie Saare
J.A. Saare is a multi-published author in varying genres and has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and have been described as “full of sensual promise,” “gritty and sexy,” and “a breath of fresh air.”

Currently she is penning numerous projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and of course, paranormal romance categories.

Those interested in her "naughtier" side can visit her alias, Aline Hunter, at

Jamie is offering a singed print copy of the first book
Dead, Undead or Something in Between
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contest ends: Aug 4 at midnight

And the winning doesn't stop there! Head over to Jamie's website and enter her Release Day Gift Basket contest. Ends July 31st


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  21. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. As usual you have conducted a wonderfully informative and entertaining interview and the duct tape and feather can be saved for next time . I have this awesome series, so not entering the contest, but I had to stop and say hi to Jamie and say thank you for sharing your talent with us and giving us readers great books to feed our addiction - waving frantically from the sidelines, Hi Jamie!

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