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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: The Walking Dead #100

Walking Dead Volume 100- Something to Fear Part Four
Creator/Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler/Inker: Charlie Adlard
Editor: Sina Grace

The group mourned the loss of Abraham. Glenn convinced Maggie to move to the Hilltop. Rick recruited a small team to inform the Hilltop community of Negan's attach, suspecting the timing would work in his favor. He was wrong.

First off congrats to Robert Kirkman and crew on making it to the big 100! That's a great milestone, hopefully many more to come! Second off- HOLY CRAP. That's seriously about all I can think right at this moment! haha Kirkman and crew did not let down for the big 100.

They've been building the tension with the Something To Fear story arc and in Part Four (#100) we are finally introduced to the newest bad guy in town, named Negan and is the leader of The Saviors. Negan is this foul mouthed, leather clad rockabilly demented a%*hole, who clearly is power tripping and evil. Sad thing for Rick's camp is that Negan's camp is way more twisted (so it appears....although if you've been keeping up with the books you know Rick and his camp- especially Rick, are pretty twisted mofos themselves) and has way more muscle than Rick and his camp have. Negan basically has a psychopathic army at his disposal.

Now without giving too much away for those who haven't read it yet...Rick and some of our beloved characters are in a van on their way to the Hilltop, when they get a midnight surprise while enroute. Also a character we've all grown to love on the show and in the book meets a terrible demise. That's all I'm going to say...that and I'll admit there was some kind of liquid substance that came out of my eyeball. Could have been my allergies or it could have been the brutal death, not entirely sure- all I know is I didn't see it coming and it's hella sad yo.

With that said the cover for Part 4 (out of 9 covers they created for the big 100, which I'm including and as you can see there are some pretty awesome covers!) is a hint as to what weapon does the dirty deed and that all this tension building paid off and #100 does not disappoint. While saddened, I'm excited to see the next story arc and see where it takes our fearless leader Rick and his beloved camp. I'm hoping our one armed bandit channels his inner Rambo and goes bat sh#! crazy on The Saviors.

I give Something To Fear Part Four 4.5 battered zombie sheep brains
Guest Reviewer: Bunni Darling
Zombie Kill of the Week Goes out to our girl Michone and her trusty katana!

(By the way who else is geeking out over Michone joining the show in season 3!?)


  1. Kirkman outdid himself this time. Still shocked after reading #100. Should have known it was going to be a real shocker!

    1. I guess the next couple after this will be too!!!