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Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet TEAM SHEEP- Let's get ready to race!

I Smell Sheep is proud to present

Our very own Richard Lee designed these Sheep for a special event. Mutton Racing! sort of...
We have quite an active facebook group, so when someone posted a video of mutton racing we got an idea. What if we have our own sheep race. These 4 are going to race from NC (where I live) all the way to CA (where Katie and Richard live) while making a stop in OH to visit Kalpar. We will post live updates on who is in the lead though out the week of the race over in the facebook group only. Facebook members will get a chance to pick who they think will win. Then cheer on their sheep throughout the week. One random person from each team will win a set of mini trading cards (pic at the bottom of the post). One person from the winning Sheep will get to choose stuff from the Sheep store!

There will be one week of signing up for your favorite sheep. Once the race begins you won't be able to register to win, but you can watch and comment.
Below are 4 raffle dudes. You only enter one! Pick the sheep you want to support. The raffle dudes will close in one week. At that time the race will begin over on the FB group. You must be a FB member to play.

Willy Wizard Sheep
Strengths: Magic, broom, intelligence
Weakness: Wonka Bars, librarians, fantasy books

Captain Steve Space Sheep
Strengths: Jet pack, military training, natural born leader
Weakness: Moon pies, aliens and Sci-Fi books

Vicktor Vampire Sheep
Strengths: Vampire powers, 1000 years of experience and charming personality
Weakness: Romance books, Kentucky Fried Chicken, plunging neck lines

Susie Super Sheep
Strengths: Super powers, assassin, witty
Weakness: Krispy Kream doughnuts, comic books, abs of steel

Ain't they cute!?
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  1. Too cute. I entered, but not sure which I entered for. :) I also did a FB follower entry and a super sheep entry. lol

  2. Fun! but I screwed up my entry! Will enjoy the race

  3. SPACE MUTTON!!!!! Captain Steve all the way!

  4. I must root for my twin in all awesome attributes, but have to add my obsession for coffee and cake!!! Go Susie, I'm with you in spirit sista ;)

  5. This is so awesome and so hard to pick! I love them all!

  6. hee-hee, I just got hubby to enter too! :D

  7. can't choose.. which does category suspense falls in?

  8. CMON SUSIE!!! Theres a Krispy Kreme donut in it if you win!!!

  9. Hi! I didnt read the above the giveaways, and i entered all of them. Im sorry! Can you remove me from them please? Sorry for the trouble. Thank you.

    1. you naughty lamb! which one do you want to be in? I can delete you from the others :)

    2. if its not to late, (sorry, i was gone all weekend with no internet) id love to be entered into any of them. can you surprise me and pick one for me? there all cute! :) thank you! and sorry again!

    3. thank you! ;) i hope your having a great week!